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Ok last update until I beat Y version.
-Finished Training my team up to lvl 50
-Used a Leaf Stone on my Gloom to make it evolve
-Defeated Will through hefty use of Shadow Ball and Signal Beam against Exeggutor
-Defeated Koga thanks in large part to Venomoth's Psybeam, Gengar's Thunder for Crobat, and Weezing's Fire Blast against Foretress
-Deafeated Bruno with a Surf from Qwilfish and about a half dozen Psybeams
-Defeated Karen by the skin of my teeth (Qwilfish had 1 HP after beating her Houndoom the rest was easy)
-Used Thunder against Lance's Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Gyarados then Blizzard against his 3 Dragonite
-Got into the Hall of Fame
-Got the Ticket for the ship
-Beat the trainers on the ship
-Made Surge cry like a little girl thanks to Vileplume and Gengar
-Made my way north-west to Celadon City
-Anihilated Erika and her Jr. Trainers thanks to Crobat and Weezing
-Made my way to the Power Plant
-Went to the Gym
-Followed Bozo the Rocket Grunt to the bridge and beat him soundly
-Got the Machine Part from the Gym
-Took the challenge
-Chased Misty's date away
And once I beat Y version Misty will be next on my list... incidentally I need to have X version added to my Poison type Ultimate run.