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Chapter 25
Fay smelled a human scent up ahead. Carefully, Shock volunteered to take a look. Saur explained to me that it was always Shock's job to check out the humans before coming up with a plan to evade them.

Shock was a few trees ahead, taking a peak behind the bushes. My own curiosity took the better of me, and despite the whisper warnings of the others behind me, I reached the bush and stood beside the Pikachu. He has good hearing, but he was probably focused on the human or humans though, that he wasn't aware of my presence yet. Startling him would be fun, but it might not be a good idea, especially if the humans are trainers.

I wanted to take a peak, but I might cause enough noise to startle the Pikachu. So, I mentally sighed as I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing.

“—don't think that this is a good spot, lass,” an old voice said.

“Aw, but we've been walking for, like, forever!” a young female voice replied. “I wanted to rest, and maybe start painting! I did promised granny to at least paint once a day!”

“And what in heavens are you going to paint in the middle of this forest? Trees?”

“Hah hah... You're so funny, gran'pa.” There was a soft thud. Probably a medium-sized bag. An unzipping zipper. Yep, definitely a bag. I heard paper and wood noises. “There. Now, for inspiration.”

“Well, good luck with that.”

“Gran'pa, zip it. I need to concentrate.”

“They don't look like trainers though...” Shock whispered to himself. “But they're on a clear path... We can't go through without them noticing...”

I opened my eyes and looked at his back.

“Hm... They don't look like they'll be leaving any time soon either... We can't wait though...”

I grinned. I quietly walked behind him and turned my back on him. Besides, if anything goes wrong, he's a fast runner. I looked ahead as I lifted my two hind legs. Fay, Vixie and Saur were looking at me in disbelief, their breaths frozen.

Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado, let me kick the Pikachu!

“WHA—!!!” Shock screamed in pain and surprise as he flew through the bush and landed on...


There was a thud. There was a crash. Wood. Paper sheets. Tin cans. A louder thud. More wood.

“Ohmygosh! A Pikachu!!!”

And then a mixture of two voices: squeals and screams.


“You'll be perfect for my painting for the day!”

“Never have I seen a Pikachu fly before... Oi lass, that'd be a rare one. I have a Pokéball here to catch that.”

“Wha?! No! I just want to paint this Pikachu! Not capture it!”

I pushed my head through the bush to see what was happening.

I heard the old guy sighed. “Yer gonna live the rest of yer days with a Smeargle?”

“Hey you old bum! Glee is a faithful companion of mine in painting! We share the same passion, so I don't need to capture any other Pokémon!”

My face poked through the bush, and my gaze instantly fell on Shock's death glare. The young teen was hugging him like a pillow. I smiled sheepishly as he mouthed ‘I'll kill you later’.

I heard loud rustling noises beside me, and out came three more faces, one of them glaring at me.

“Jay! What have you done?!” Vixie hissed at me.

“Calm down,” I whispered back. “She's not capturing Pikachu. Just wanna paint him.”

“Oh! Painting?!” Fay squealed, making the rest of us gasp as we turned to her. “But hey! Can we go and get painted as well?” she looked at us with a pouting bottom lip. “Can we? Please?”

I heard a spark. I turned ahead and saw a happy female teen, and um...Shock was grinning like a maniac, both his cheeks sparkling.

“Of course YOU can!” Shock said in a very terrifying way. What have I done?! “And let's call it ‘Beat The Eevee!’”

I gulped. “No thank you!”




“I still think that we should'a caught that Pikachu, or at least that Eevee...”

“Oh, quiet you old timer,” I heard the young teen squealed as she and her grandfather walked away, carrying my shame.

“Aw, cheer up,” Vixie poked my shoulder. “It wasn't that bad.”

“My manhood was exposed and painted right in front of a gir-hu-hurlll...!” I cried, my face underneath my two front paws as I quietly cried my shame off.

“Well, uh... I...think I have a clue what ‘manhood’ meant but, if it's any consolation, not all of it?”

“Go away, Vixie...”

Saur, Fay and Shock were laughing their asses off as they continued on our way, Saur's vines dragging me along...


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