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its amazing that nobody talking about capture or Evolution .
I mean , Gen VI has only 35 new pokemon so even 6 kalo pokemon feel too much for Ash.
Ya , You count evolution then their 69 new Pokemon in Kalo.
I think another Gen pokemon this time .
I believe he should catch the type of pokemon he haven't caught yet .
Such as Steel , Ghost , Psychic .
There is chance that ash might be getting a Lucario who's a steel type.
And Ash isn't Catching chespin so its good chance to give Ash a Ghost/Grass Pokemon.
Only an Idiot writer would chose Skiddo for Ash specially when Skiddo suits a racer like Serena.
So , If Ash catch a Meowstic & Carbink then he will officially have all type of Pokemon.

FYI : I prefer the Male Meowstic because that way the 7th gym battle would be fun where Ash facing the supporting Male Meowstic against the attacker Female Meowstic.
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