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Chapter 27
Celebi did one last fly-through around the forest before she left. Before she left however, I asked her where she was headed. She assured me to make time to visit Arceus and ask about my concerns.

That wasn't really the reason why I called her though. I asked her what she was gonna do, and she just shrugged and said that she needed to continue searching for the cause of the phenomenon.

After that, we and the other Pokémon around the pond bid her good luck and farewell. soon as she was gone...

“Yo! Vixie!” ...Lithe's back in action...sigh...

“No!” Vixie shouted and glared at the approaching Growlithe.

We're thankful that we're still on the edge of the pond. I turned to Saur, and he stared back at me with a vine slightly poked out from under the bulb on his back. I smirked, and so did he.

“Aw, com'on Vixie!” the Growlithe whined. “I just got my nineteenth mate yesterday! You'd be my lucky twenty!”

My mouth hung open... “Wow... Not sure if you're extremely lucky, or extremely pervy.”

Fay chuckled at my statement, Vixie nodded, Shock and Saur laughed, and Lithe glared at me.

“What was that, punk?!”

“Deaf, too...” I deadpanned.

“As always...” Vixie added.

Shock coughed. “We don't have time for this.” He turned to me. “Bi gave us a task, so we should go.”

I blinked. “To...Kanto...?”

Saur and Shock nodded.

Fay smiled wide. “Of course to Kanto! Where else?!”

Erm...yeah, but... “You're coming?” I looked at all of them, minus Lithe. “You're all coming?”

“I would love to hear that from my mates and Vixie tonight,” Lithe commented with a grin, and I involuntarily had a coughing fit.

“Dream on, perv,” the Vulpix hissed before turning to us. “Let's get outta here.”

We nodded and started walking towards the forest. I wanna ask if they're really sure of coming along, but right now, I'd rather be as far away as I can from this Growlithe.

“Ack—!” Vixie was pulled back, and we turned to see her on her belly, pinned down by Lithe who was on top of her.

“They can leave,” Lithe whispered to her ear, “but you're staying here.”

Vixie squirmed, but she suddenly gasped when Lithe made a forward motio...

A yellow blur passed over and knocked Lithe back. Fay and Saur quickly ran to the Vulpix, who was shakily returning to her paws.

“Did he...?” Fay trailed off, and Vixie slowly shook her head. Fay sighed in relief as sparks flew in the air. “Oh, thank goodness.”

...and here I was, standing, stunned. Lithe was... Lithe was...

“You can't stop me!” Lithe shouted as the Pikachu was thrown back, burned, and barely standing up.

“You hurt my friend!” Fay shouted as she ran past Shock, headbutting Lithe and throwing him back.

The Growlithe managed to stay on his paws and angrily blasted the yelping Rattata with a fierce wave of fire. When the fire vanished, so was Fay. Scanning around, I saw a hole on the ground from where she stood mere moments ago.

A light tremor erupted as Fay suddenly burst out from the ground from where Lithe stood, throwing his yelping body up in the air. A vine shot up and pulled Fay down, and was soon followed by a storm of leaves, slicing the Growlithe while in the air.

Lithe growled and was enveloped in flames, making the razor leaves to do nothing but turn into ashes. He landed with a growl, in front of an angry Pikachu. Shock immediately turned around, slapping his metal-gray tail at Lithe's face, and throwing the burning Growlithe in the pond.

Seconds passed, and I felt a faint tremor. The others noticed as well, and Shock was about to jump, but the ground below him erupted. He was forced up as Lithe headbutted him, and breathed out fumes of fire for a second before a torrent of water swallowed them both.

When the geyser was gone, Lithe landed on his paws and growled as he dashed towards Saur. Shock landed on his back with a thud as Saur calmly wrapped his vines around Lithe and...the Bulbasaur pushed himself up and lets go, landing beside Shock. He gently presses a paw on him and his bulb started glowing.

Skidding to a stop, Lithe angrily spun, and gasped when he was face to face with an angry Vulpix. She immediately spun and slapped her tail on his chin like an uppercut, sending the Growlithe flying a bit. She followed him up and pounds him back to the ground with her paws.

The Growlithe gasped as he landed on his back. The Vulpix landed behind him and snarled.

“You want me so badly?!” Vixie shouted. “Then have it!”

Lithe howled in utter pain as Vixie bit his...

I cringe, and so were those who were watching the whole scene.

Vixie suddenly jumped back before Lithe could kick her. I...didn't see Vixie's face as she stared at the bloody mess she'd made before she walked towards the pond. Shock, Fay and Saur were surprised when they saw Vixie. I...guess I'm glad not to see her face, but judging from how bloody Lithe

Lithe cried as he limply crawled towards the pond, purposely going farther from the Vulpix, who was washing her face.

Fay said something, but her voice was too quiet for me to hear.

Vixie stared at her reflection, and sighed as her ears drooped. She quickly turned and slowly approached her friends. Her face was normal now. Well, normally clean, at least. She was still looking angry, and sorry at the same time. Relieved, and guilty.

I'm not sure if I should join them at the moment. I might as well keep my distance...

They slowly began talking, and I looked at them for a short while before I looked at Lithe. He was being helped by a few Pokémon though, cleaning his...ahem. I guess those are his ‘mates’...

O-okay... Things really are serious around here... One wrong move and I'd probably die...or maybe if I die, I'll automatically return to my home? I don't want to test that theory.

“He'll be fine.”

I jerked and turned, and saw Saur seated beside me. The others were still by the pond.

Saur turned his head to look at Lithe. “I'd say, he had it coming.”

I cringed. “B-but still... That looked like it hurt...a lot.” I was kicked there once. Never again would I want to experience it.

Saur nodded. “It does hurt a lot.”

“No duh...” I sighed as I closed my eyes and heard a few footsteps approaching us. Must be Saur's friends. I opened my eyes in time to see the others sitting around us. My gaze instantly fell on Vixie. “Hey um,” I caught her attention. “ are you?”

“Horrible...” she then looked angry. “And glad that he won't bother me again.”

Uh...huh... I nodded anyway. “Remind me not to get on your bad side.”

“You're not like Lithe,” Fay chirped, “so don't worry. Unless you want to.”

I frowned at her. “Hell no.”

“Anyway, let's go,” Vixie said, her voice carried the tone of finality.

The rest of us nodded as she walked towards the trees. We followed her, and Fay sped up until she was walking side by side with the Vulpix.

“So,” the Rattata said, “just curious... But how'd it taste like?”

I guess she haven't tasted blood before... I had. Common example would be when I get scratches on my hand or fingers. I quickly put them on my lips and apply some saliva. When I was young, my mom told me that our saliva helps stop the wound from bleeding. Still not sure if it was true or not, but I carried that belief even now. Er...when I was still human, at least.

Vixie shook her head. “Horrible...” she replied.

“Oh,” Fay said, her ears flattened. “Was it really that bad?”

Vixie turned her head to her friend and blinked in confusion. “The...blood?”

Fay slowly shook her head.

Vixie blinked again. “Um...Fay... What...are you asking about again?”

...brain...shut up.

“You know, his pokey—”

“FAY!” I snarled and pinned my ears against my head with my paws. “Shut up!”

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