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Me and a friend bought a few booster packs together yesterday and his luck was oh god. We got a few Dragons Exalted, some Secret Wonders, and a few Black & White packs each (had no choice about which types haha) and he managed to pull a SuperRare Holo Ho-Oh EX which is apparently worth upwards of £12. My best pulls were an Ultra-Rare Reshiram (my god it's pretty; version 113/114 with the white background and silver border) and a Rare Holo Suicune LV. 44. I've not price checked them yet but hopefully they'll be decent; if not them I'm fine to keep swooning at Reshiram's gorgeous card design. I also managed to pull a load of Dark- and Water-types for the new deck I'm making so this was a pretty good haul!

(Also got the Bastiodon themed deck with it so yay for Metal Energies!)
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