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In-depth Review, courtesy of Winter!
The Story
Personally, I like the aspect of losing your father. It makes you question about the war and see what it’s like; maybe even find him. I’m assuming the central plot is to find your father, which ultimately ties in with Deoxys. I like that you didn’t mention anything of an evil team, as that seemed too typical. However, the war between the regions begs the question if you can travel to both of the involved regions.

My first issue is that the game is also a 386 patch. I feel like that is entirely too many Pokémon to put into a game. It leads to almost never running into the same Pokémon in a different route. I feel like the biggest a Pokedex should be is, maybe, 180. This carries on in the idea of every legendary being included. I feel like that makes it less about the Pokémon being a legendary instead of just something to collect. I feel like games should follow the example set forth by Nintendo. One of the small legendaries(Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, etc.), a set of roaming legendaries/trio(Birds, beasts, and [email protected]) and one major legendary, maybe two. But, to include every single legendary kind of feels excessive. I do like the idea of sidequests, although these have to be interesting enough to not be deemed a waste of time to do. I have confidence that you can make your sidestories worthy. I do enjoy the idea of the puzzles, and I look forward to messing with them.

I enjoy the titlescreen, and the world map looks lovely—thankfully not too many water routes. The tiles look magnificent, but I do take issue with the starters. Like I said with the 386 and legendaries, it feels excessive.
The question you asked

New tiles are never necessary. They’re nice to have, however, I find that it’s best to use the tiles you’re comfortable with. So, if you’re most comfortable using FRLG tiles, stick to those. Don’t sacrifice quality just for graphics.

All in all, I am definitely looking forward to playing this hack, Awipe. Best of luck! If you need any help, or just wanna mull ideas around, feel free to talk to me. :D

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