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Quote originally posted by DarkRaichu80:
Went to a Legendary Treasures pre-release. Nice to see the EX's distributed more freely in the set, even if most are reprints. Manage to nab:

DarkraiEX, MewEX, ShayminEX, and Emolga.

Holos: Victini, Zekrom, Terrakion, and Rayquaza.

Reverse Holos: Solosis (common), Lucario (rare), Cobalion (rare), and Deino (common)
me to we are doing 6 booster and making a 40 card deck out of them.

Quote originally posted by donavannj:
They used the Shiny Collection artwork for MewEX and ShayminEX, I hope?
let me look in to that. hmm ooo nope they are not shiny art.
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