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Chapter 30
“Gah!” I yelped as I was thrown back.

I tried to skid to a stop, but my weak legs gave in and I ended up rolling on the ground until I gradually stopped. My dazed eyes fell on the gentle rays of the morning sun that poked through the sea of dancing leaves. aching...everything...! I never would have thought that training would be THIS hard?! And trainers have the nerve to complain if their Pokémon weren't doing good in battle! Training is so, freaking, hard!

“You okay?” Vixie asked as she stopped beside me, her concerned look taking over my vision. “S-sorry! I was expecting you to dodge it!” she frowned even further.

I tried to smile and shrug. “At least I now know how ouchy your tail slap is...ow...” Even simple talking hurts.

It was around noon by the time our little group decided to take a break from our journey. Shock and Saur went to go and look for something to eat. Vixie and I started training. Fay was...

“You need to focus on using your feet for jumping and dodging!”

...Fay was my coach...sort of...

“...and the way you run is weird. And the way you're using your head for tackling is wrong. You should strengthen your neck more if you want to keep using your head.”

...and she strangely knows a lot about battling. Never judge a funny rat by its fur, I guess...

“...and you should stop wagging your tail while you run. And you shouldn't—”

“Okay! I get it!” I hissed. “Ow!” and a painful headache made me wince.

“See?” Fay chirped as I felt Vixie's nose pushing my side to turn me on my belly. “Even your head's not well enough for tackling! Or headbutting! If you keep that up, you're gonna have a sore head and a headache at the same time!”

I gritted my teeth in annoyance. I took a deep, deep breath, and sighed. “T-thanks...” No use getting angry at her...

“Sorry if I was too hard on you...” Vixie whispered, sitting beside me.

“You apologize too much...” I joked.

The Vulpix just gave me a worried frown.

“I was kidding... Don't worry...” I assured her.

Fay arrived and sat on my other side. “Why don't you just use a shadow ball?”

I blinked. “I that?”

Fay rolled her eyes. “Well, duh! Anyone can do a shadow ball!”

I arched her an eyebrow as she jumped in all four and opened her mouth as she raised her curled tail. I heard a weird noise as a black dot thingy appeared in front of her opened mouth. It grew quicker than a blink, and became a size as big as her head. She lifted her head up, as well as her front paws, up in the air, and slammed her paws back on the ground as she ‘fired’ the shadow ball forward, exploding in dust and splinters when it struck the base of a large tree.

My jaw fell open as the dust settled, and the tree will forever carry the scar of the Rattata's playful wrath.

Fay smiled and looked at me. “See? Now you try!”

“You're kidding, right?” I gulped. “I...I don't even know where to begin! I don't even know how that was possible!”

Fay rolled her eyes again. “You saw it, right?”

I nodded reluctantly.

She smiled. “Then it happened! Seeing is believing, after all!”

I deadpanned. “Not everything we see is real, too.”

“Oh, pfft,” she raspberried as she waved a paw. “That only applies for ghosts! They make illusions all the time!”

I sighed, and then turned to Vixie, who was just sitting there quietly. “You okay there?”

She blinked. “Yeah...” Her ears drooped. “Sorry for hurting you.”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Sheesh. Where's the tough Vixie I knew? Talk about complete change in character. “Are you sure you're okay? What happened to the tough Vulpix I know?”

She shot me a glare. “Is it wrong to be concerned about my friends?”

Ouch... “Okay, sorry... It's just...” I stared at the ground. “...I just don't like other people worrying about me.”

Fay giggled. “Then learn to defend yourself so we'll stop worrying much!”

Vixie still had that glare of hers. “If you want the tough Vixie back, then stand up and get back to training!”

Sheesh... Can't she take a joke? I groaned as I tried to stand in all four. Took me a few seconds than normal, but at least I'm standing...wobbling a bit.

Vixie walked a few meters in front of me and turned, and was now in battle mode.

“We'll work on your dodging techniques first,” she said, preparing herself. “I'll go slower than normal, but I'll increase my speed with each successful dodge you make, okay?”

I sighed and prepared myself. “Fine, fine...”

Fay run back into the audience zone.

Vixie then started running towards me, her head ready to hit me. She was running pretty slow than normal though. Still, this is training after all, so yeah. I jumped to the side in time and managed to stay on my paws on my landing. She skidded to a stop and turned to me.

“Jump was too high!” Fay shouted.

Darn it. I keep forgetting. If I jump too high, it'll take me a while to land and dodge another attack.

Vixie ran towards me, faster than earlier. I jumped in time, this time minding the height of my jump. I ended up landing farther than usual.

“Good!” Fay chirped! “But get on your feet quicker than that! Foot work! Foot work!”

What does she mean by that? This isn't boxing!

I turned and— “Agh!” Vixie tackled my side, and I was thrown against a tree. “Ow...” I landed on the ground with a thud. “A...nother ow...”

I...wonder if my ribs are still okay...

“Foot work, see?” Fay said as she stood beside me and helping me up. “Always keep an eye out on your foe!”

Obvious advice. Thank you...

Vixie was frowning at me with worry, but the instant I looked at her, she glared at me. “Rest for now. I'll go and worry about you somewhere so you won't see me.”

Ugh... “You don't have to...”

She turned her back and started walking away.

I sighed and lied down on the ground. “Sheesh... What's with her?”

“You're selfish,” Fay chirped.

I shot her a weak glare. “No I'm not.”

“Yes you are!” she smiled.

“No I'm not!”

“Yes you are!”

“No I'm not!” I stood up and glared at her. Suddenly, my heart felt heavy, and my eyes guiltily fell on the ground. “...right?”

Fay patted my head as she lightly giggled. “Yes, you are, ” she gently said. “But you're still a good friend!”

I'm...selfish? “H-how am I selfish?”

Fay blinked, her smile slowly fading. “Well...” she hummed as she stared above. “ ditched us back on the cliff. But that's all forgiven and in the past now, right?”

“I...shared with you guys about who I am.”

She nodded and then turned back to me. “You also didn't accept that berry I was giving you.”

My eye twitched. “Y-yeah... Sorry about that?” No I'm not. “I...gave that Meowth half of the meat we found?”

“Was he your friend?”

I blinked. “Not...really... I barely even know him.”

She nodded again. “You don't want us to worry about you.”

I shook my head. “Just because. I hate feeling useless.”

“You barely know any moves.”

“Because I can't... And I used to be human!”

“You're not using my advice during training.”

“It was difficult to do!”

“You don't want us to help you.”

“I can help myself!”

“But we're going to Kanto.”

“I can go there myself!”

“You don't need our company...”

“Yes I don't nee—...” I blinked. That caught me off-guard. Fay's annoying but...what were we arguing again?

She grinned. “We're all your friends, right?”

My ears drooped, and I suddenly felt very very tired. I closed my eyes and sighed. “Yes.”

“And friends help each other, right?”

I lamely nodded.

“You're being prideful. You don't want to be looked down upon. You believe you can do anything. You believe you don't need anyone's help. don't want anyone to worry about you, because you believe that you don't deserve it. You're selfish, and you're prideful, but you know it, and that's why you don't want anyone to be around you, because you don't want them to be hurt because of your selfishness and pride.”

I slowly looked up to her. She was still wearing that sweet and innocent smile of hers. What she said, everything that she said, hurt...a lot, but in a weird ‘relief’ kind of hurt.

I sighed as I hung my head. “I'm...just tired of hurting my friends without me knowing. Just like with Vixie. I didn't know my little remark would hurt her.”

“We'll get used to you, so don't worry too much!” She placed a paw on my head and rubbed it like a maniac. “Just swallow a few of that pride and let us help and worry about you, silly!”

I batted her paw in mild annoyance.

“Friends also look out for each other, y'know!” She smiled. “And don't worry. We won't be looking down on you.”

She stared at me for a few moments, and slowly, her gaze wormed down. I suddenly felt naked and used my paws as a shield as I glared at her.

She giggled. “Well, I just looked down on you. What do you do?”

I arched an eyebrow. “O...kay? Way to ruin the moment, Fay.”

“Can we eat now?” I heard Shock's whine.

I gasped and turned around, and there they were, Shock, Saur and Vixie, standing a few feet from me. The Pikachu was looking annoyed, while Saur and Vixie were smiling.

I felt like apologizing to her though, but... “H-how much of that did you hear?!”

Saur just shrugged. “We won't tell you.”

Ugh... This is humiliating... I groaned and lower myself to the ground. “Fay...I'm going to kill you in your sleep,” I hissed as they chuckled, except for one hungry Pikachu.

“Seriously you guys, can we eat already?”

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