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When it comes to design, I really like Luvdisc. I think it's quite creative. It's got a heart-like shape, a pinkish body color, and a cute-looking face. What's not to like? Could put them into a fish bowl if you have one, and they'd liven up your house in an instant! Battling-wise, though… Luvdisc is, unfortunately, not that great. d: It has a base Speed of ninety-seven, which is good, but the rest of its stats are extremely low—especially defenses. Both of its defensive stats are near sixty, so if it ever gets struck by an attack like Giga Drain or Brave Bird, it's finished. Although it has a range of hard-hitting attacks in its movepool, it can't take full advantage of them due to having poor offenses. Luvdisc could make a good staller if you teach it Toxic, Sweet Kiss, Attract, and Protect, but you'd have to utilize very wisely. If you make one silly mistake, then your opponent could take it out in an instant.

I hope that they give an evolution to Luvdisc at some point in the future. That way, its stats would be fixed up a little and help it become more useful when battling. Either that, or they could give it a mega-evolution. I'd be fine with anything, to be honest, so long it gets something. (:
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