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Chapter 31
It was still morning by the time we walked out from the forest. Our eyes were greeted by the fine green arts of nature. A grassy field, its tall leaves swayed peacefully with the cool wind. Tall rolling hills could be seen from afar, and further beyond were mountains, some tall enough for their peaks to be covered by the thin layers of whispy clouds.

Metal-black train tracks were set on the grassy plain. That was probably the tracks for the Magnet Train.

Near the edge of the forest were different kinds of Pokémon, eating and talking. I didn't pay them much attention however.

Around the grassy plains was a large herd of Tauroses, grazing on the grass, locking horns with each other, and chatting amongst themselves.

“Phew...” Shock sighed, dropping himself into a sitting position. “We made it,” he said with a smile.

It would have been a beautiful scene if it weren't for one question that kept popping in my head.

“So...why the heck are we here?” I blurted out.

My companions shot me a look as though I've lost my mind.

“You...don't know?” Vixie asked.

I deadpanned. “That's why I asked...”

Saur chuckled, Fay snickered, and Vixie glared at me.

Shock sighed. “Those,” he pointed at the herd, “are Tauroses.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes. And you're a Pikachu. Amazing...”

Shock shot me a glare. “And we're here to get a ride.”

I blinked. “On...a Tauros?”

“No, on an Oddish” Shock deadpanned. “Of course on a Tauros!”

Well excuse me for not knowing! I noticed Fay's knowing smile, and I sighed. Ugh... Too early for an argument. “Okay... But how?”

“We're going to ask them,” Saur said, cutting Shock off, and earning an annoyed stare from the Pikachu. The Bulbasaur doesn't seem to notice. “If they say no, we ask another, until someone will let us.”

“Oh, okay...” I said. “But just to check... They're heading to Kanto, right?”

Saur nodded.

“They're always moving from region to region twice in a month,” Vixie said. I was about to ask something, but she cut me off with a grin. “And don't ask why. I don't know either.”

I gave her an annoyed stare. “You're a mind reader. I'm watching you.”

Vixie and Fay chuckled, and Shock grunted.

Soon, the earth started to shake, but only slightly. I turned east and saw a few Tauroses already started moving east. A few earth-bound and flying Pokémon were trying to ask the Tauroses for a ride though.

...why would flying types want to ask for a ride? Can't they just fly there? eyes grew wide when... D-did...did a Tauros just stepped on and k-killed a Sunkern?!

“Yeah, that happens often,” Fay chirped cheerfully. She must have noticed my horrified expression. “But as long as we're careful, nothing will go wrong!”

“Oi, let's go!” Shock said, and the others followed him.

My breath stopped and my mind was a jumbled mess as I stared at my four friends walking towards danger. I could honestly feel that runaway ability of mine kicking in, not to rescue them, but to flee away from danger.

I felt my rear paw moved back, followed by my front paw. I was...turning...turning back to the forest. Yeah, the gloomy, but safe forest! I learned some basic attacks from Vixie and Fay, and with this runaway ability thingy of mine, nothing could stop me, right? B-but... I can't just leave them here! I should talk and bring some sense into th—

“Gah!” I gasped as I suddenly felt something push me back, and I dropped myself on the ground. I felt something wrapped around me. I panicked and turned my head, and saw Saur was boredly dragging me towards... “No! No no no no no! Let me go! Let me go let me go let me go let me go let me go—”

Shock sighed. He took a breath and turned to me with an annoyed glare. “Will you shut up!”

I winced and closed my mouth as Saur kept on dragging me, Shock and the others were walking beside me.

His glare intensified. “No Tauros will ever let us get a ride if you're that noisy and whiny!”

I didn't even bother hiding the tears of fear running down my face as I tried to crawl out of Saur's grip. “We're gonna die...!” I sobbed.

Fay chuckled and Vixie had a mix of amusement, worry, and annoyance...

Vixie then flashed me a small and assuring smile. “Don't worry. Shock and Saur will do the asking. We're just going to stand and wait in a close yet safer distance.”

Well, she at least calmed me down, if only a bit. I smiled. “R-really?”

Fay and Vixie nodded, and Shock just sighed at how pathetic I must be at the moment.

B-but... What is Shock and Saur... “You guys do this all the time, right?” I asked.

“Nope,” Fay chirped happily. “This is our first time, actually.”

My heart started racing as I felt my pupils shrunk.

“Fay,” Shock hissed, “stop scaring him already! It's hard enough to deal with a panicky coward...”

“I am not a coward!” I glared at him. “I'm panicking 'cause I just care for our lives' safety, that's all!”

“Tell that to a stone. Now shut up,” Shock said as I felt the vines loosen and slid off of me. Fay and Vixie stopped beside me as Shock and Saur continued walking towards the moving herd of Tauroses. “Wait with the girls, you girl.”

I stood up, turned and shot him a glare, but he already turned his back on me. The stomping noises from the herd were much louder here though. I sighed. I just hope nothing bad's going to happed to those two.

“Aww,” Fay suddenly cooed. I was about to turn to face her, but I was stunned when she started rubbing her head on the side of my neck. This is called ‘nuzzling’, right? My cheeks suddenly felt like it's going to burn from how intimate this was... “It's so nice of you to care for us, Jay!” She returned my personal space and smiled.

“Ye-yeah...” I stammered as I rubbed my violated neck. “Don't do that again, please.”

Fay blinked in confusion. “What? The nuzzling?”


“Why?” Vixie and Fay asked at the same time.

“'Cause it felt weird... Really weird...” I shivered.

Fay chuckled. “You'll get used to it.”

I glared at her. “I'd rather not.”

Vixie blinked. “You weren't nuzzled before?”

I blinked back. Was I ‘nuzzled’ before? Do humans even nuzzle each other? Eh, what a stupid question...

I shook my head. “Nope. Fay was the first, and hopefully the last!”

Fay and Vixie chuckled as a shadow was casted over us. We slowly looked up and saw an old-looking Tauros, its black mane were now slightly gray and its brown coat was a bit pale than normal. this an old Tauros or a shiny Tauros?

“You kids need a lift?” he asked. His voice was very very dark, and...almost grumpy, or rusty, or whatever, but old...

“You bet'cha!” Fay chirped and ran to his side as the Tauros lowered himself for us to hop onto his back.

“Hope ya kids don't mind if I'm a li'l slower than the others,” Mr. Tauros said as Vixie helped Fay up by pushing Fay's bum with her nose. Eh... Wouldn't that be awkward?

“Oh, it's no problem,” Vixie replied as she climbed up and me reluctantly walking to where she stood.

Fay extended a paw with a smile. I just stared at it for a few seconds.

“Um...shouldn't we try and call for Saur and Shock first?”

“Ungh...” Mr. Tauros winced. “Better hurry up there, kid. My knees aren't as strong as they used to be.”

I felt my ears droop as I grabbed Fay's paw with two of mine. She lifted me up...with surprising ease. I suddenly found myself sitting on the slowly rising Mr. Tauros' back. Mr. Tauros then began to move forward.

I blinked. “W-what just happened?”

“Oi! SHOOOOOK! SAAAAAAUR!” Fay shouted as Vixie chuckled at my stunned look.

“Just like Fay said, you'll get used to it.”

I stared at her. “A mind-reader and a super rat. I'm definitely going to have my eyes on the two of you.” I gave her a suspiscious glare.

She just rolled her eyes in amusement as Shock and Saur ran towards us, and away from the herd of killer hooves.

“Why'd you picked an old geezer?” Shock asked as Vixie and I grabbed Saur's vines, and pulled him up.

“I heard that!” Mr. Tauros said, turning his head to glare at Shock, who was currently being lifted up by Saur's vines.

Shock just ignored him though, and continued to address us. “Seriously, why? It'd be much faster if Saur and I asked younger ones back there.”

My eye twitched. I...have a soft side for old people. “Get off and ask for a ride on younger Tauroses then,” I glared at him.

He glared back. “What was that?”

“You heard me,” I hissed. “If you're so ungrateful that Mr. Tauros gave us a lift, then get off and be on your way!”

“I'm the leader of this group,” he snarled. “What I say, goes!”

Oh, so that's how it goes, huh?! Well then, “I'll—”

“Now now, you two,” Mr. Tauros called.

Shock and I blinked and turned to see him, who was also giving us a displeased look.

“I don't want friends arguing with each other, so would you mind to keep it down? Your loud voices are hurting my ears.”


I jerked in surprise and quickly turned back to see Saur retracting a vine and Shock fixing the Bulbasaur a glare as he rubbed the back of his head.

“What was that for?!”

Saur glared at him. “You're being rude, picky, and out of control.”

Vixie nodded. “I agree with Saur... Sorry Shock...”

“I'm out of con—you know what?” Shock sighed and sat on the furry back of the elderly Tauros. “...maybe I am. Sorry...”

Wow... Saur actually glared. I wonder if that was the first time I ever saw him glare at someone.

Fay's giggles snapped me out from my little train of thought. I turned to her and her giggles died down.

“Mr. Tauros? Really?”

I blinked. “What's so funny about it?”

Fay just giggled some more, and Vixie joined her.

My ears drooped as I fixed her an annoyed stare. “Fay, you're weird... No, scratch that... You're always weird...” I fixed Vixie a glare and cut her off. “And no! I will not get used to it!”

“Your problem,” Vixie grinned.

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