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I'm trying to get back into the game (I only really play it casually against my brother anyway), but I've missed a lot since I stopped playing about 4 years ago when synchros were just being introduced. Any tips on what I should be buying to build a worthy deck?

I'm starting back off with the Saga of Blue Eyes White Dragon structure deck because Blue-Eyes was always my staple card and it makes sense to start off with a structure deck (yeah they're usually pretty crap, but it gives me a base to modify from). I'm happy to hear anything else I should buy (packs/collections/decks/anything). I've found a reasonably cheap place to buy Gold Series 5 from so I might try my luck with one of those as well. I can't wait to get the feeling I had opening packs again to be honest.

And for the purposes of the club...

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Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck: Elemental Hero (I happened to have a lot of pack luck with E-Hero fusions that were Super Rare at the time so I ended up building a deck around them and I enjoyed it)
Favourite card: Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Come on, it's the classic, the first episode of the anime builds it up as a great, rare card. The first set was based around it. Even the movie had a Blue-Eyes related card as one of the major cards)