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Definitely PMD Sky. I also have PMD Red/Blue, Explorers of Time/Darkness and Gates to Infinity but I always liked PMD Explorers of Sky the most. The story always makes me want to cry :3 and therefore, I really like the story. The gameplay is also very great and quite"long", alot of nice Pokemon to encounter. So these series were #1 for me.

As far as PMD Red/Blue concerns, I really like those games too (also a nice story and alot of post-game with almost every legendary, I'm just a big fan of boss-battles :3) but these feel somewhat "plain" in post-game (the main-story is quite short).

I like PMD Gates to Infinity too, but kinda frustrates me that there isn't much of a post-game feel to it nothing much to do and I kinda hoped there were more legendaries involved and more different Pokemon to encounter. The game-play is also somewhat simplistic in comparison with the previous PMD games, but it didn't disturb me that much. The game looks really nice, but I'm hoping for a sequel with alot more content and Pokemon :3
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