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Ahh the boosterpacks, what a good time in my young child's life

I remember my biggest pull and "Wow! OMG I can't believe I have this card!" moment was when I went to school some day and a guy who was in my class, was bragging to me about how he obtained a Dark Raichu and that it was Ultra Rare and you will never have one blahblah, aaaand of course it was a attention-lie. But, when my dad gave me some money that afternoon to let me buy my first Team Rocket booster pack (they just came out then), I pulled a Dark Raichu!!! I remember being sooo happy and I didn't even had the patience opening my booster at home, so I did it in front of the store... I was stunned :D Then, the next day I did bring my newest addition to show the kids at school, but because Dark Raichu is in fact a SECRET RARE (I didn't know at the time being the kid I was) and the numbering is 83/82 that same guy said it was a fake and useless card because of that >.> but I knew better and he wanted to trade but I said no... to Everyone! :3 whaha
I really didn't want to trade also because I really like Raichu and I really liked the art and all, the card was just too valuable for me I guess

I still have this beloved card in my collection today, with this awesome memory everytime I look at this card :3 I really love the first card collections (Base set, Jungle set, Fossil set and Rocket set) mainly because of the awesome artwork, and I have all of these sets complete. I think it is too bad they don't draw the artwork like that in the old days anymore, although the full-art cards are really awesome too!

Other great pulls I remember were Walrein Ex and Mew Ex :3 still have those, I always seem to pull cards of the Pokemon I really like and love and that were awesome to play the game with
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