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Name: Maristella Reilly

Nickname: Aris

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Spells: Water Spin - Aris encases herself in a thin layer of water, absorbing some of the brunt of close-combat blows and catching small projectiles. She then spins wildly (mostly for flair, admittedly) and sends the quick, high-powered water everywhere.
Slip Kick - Aris makes a thin layer of water under her feet, allowing her to quickly slide and dash towards an opponent. She will then kick up almost in a slipping motion with the water now encased around her foot.

Appearance: Aris has light brown hair, just a bit longer than shoulder-length, and wispily feathered with a center part. Her eyes are very dark brown. She has a thin pair of black wire glasses, but she almost always forgets to wear them. Her eyesight isn't particularly bad anyways, so for the time it doesn't quite matter. Her skin is just a tiny bit tanned. She is average height and weight for her age, although sometimes she seems shorter than she actually is. She normally wears a patterned shirt (she has a strong preference towards plaid, for some reason) and tightens a thin black or brown belt just over her hips to make it more fitted. Otherwise, she normally wears a pair of jeans or khakis. Her shoes are eye-burning highlighter yellow sneakers. She isn't particularly attached to them, and claims they are the only one she could find that fit well.

Personality: Aris feels rather bland at times. She's that person who blends into the background without trying, feeling no real need to get involved and finding it much more interesting to be an observer. She's perfectly friendly if you take the time to talk to her, however. She craves interaction with people, although she does claim observing people does fall into the category of interaction, though she likes having a large group of friends, as well. She likes to see the good in people without realizing, and sometimes completely skips over horrendous flaws in people in order to focus on the fact they say hello to everyone they meet or the like.

Aris hates being wrong, but doesn't mind not being right, so she tends to try and be neutral and this sometimes makes her seem like she has no opinion. She hates conflict, and feels people should just work things out by themselves. This has led to her bottling up her emotions at time, and normally they fade as she can't remember what the emotions were from.

Aris can't focus on things for very long, and can only remember things that interest her, making her seem ditzy sometimes as she jumps from subject to subject. However, everything interests her before she gets really deep into a topic. She feels specializing in things in stupid and it is better to know a little about everything you can.

History: Aris's life was rather normal, as none of her relatives seemed to be a mancer. Growing up in a relatively small town, her looks, quietness, and nature to see good in everyone caused her to be roped into the "popular" bullying group from a young age. Although she never actively participated in the bullying, her ambivalence towards the bullying was almost as hurtful. She saw her group as nice for acknowledging everyone they met, even those they dubbed as less cool, ignoring the content of what they said. She normally just followed what they did. The only thing that really stood out about her was her dancing skill, something she took with her friends and the only thing she has somewhat stuck with because she was good at it thanks to her naturally fluid motions and there was something new to learn each time, which made the repetitiveness of practicing feel slightly less boring. Her powers only manifested very lightly and excuses were quickly found for all of them. Her tendency to get only slightly wet in the rain was brushed off as luck, the rain puddles that flared up around her was due to a large raindrop that none saw. Aris didn't really suspect anyone was different about her.

It was only in middle school did the true nature of her powers was revealed. To her mild shock, a boy had written her Aris a note to ask her to come to the back of the school after classes ended, presumably to ask her out. Most of her friends had "boyfriends" who had asked them out in the very same way. The group giggled about it all day, although Aris felt a little queasy about it. She had no intention of going out with someone in middle school, but rejecting the mystery boy made her feel upset. She was honorable though, and did indeed go out to the back of the school. She was beyond relieved when no one showed up.

This quickly turned into a bigger problem, however, as a nerdy girl that the group had bullied angrily confronted her during lunch the next day. Apparently the note was a lure so the girl and her friends could pelt Aris with water balloons and ruin her "superior" clothes and "haughty" attitude. Instead, the balloons had turned traitor on them, flipping them around and splashing them in the faces. The girl was convinced that it was all part of a plot by Aris, but Aris knew nothing of it. Her temper grew slightly, but Aris quelled her emotions in the face of all of these accusations. Or so she thought. Her lunch had different ideas, as her glass of water splashed the other girl in the face. Aris told the principal she had indeed thrown the water in the other girl's face, as it was less trouble. Internally, she was growing more and more freaked out at the growing incidents.

Two weeks later, a letter from the Vale Institute of Magic explained everything.

Code: Challenge me!!!

Other: Strangely enough, Aris has hated drinking water for as long as she can remember.