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Quote originally posted by Lesqx:
Vote -> Squirtle
Why? Because, i always pick water type pokemon (my love ), have great moveset, blastoise have really good stats etc etc.
Am.. yeah Blastoise is a well designed great monster type Pokemon. And well Blastoise isn't too well at Stats however....

Originally Posted by Trainer_Altair :
It would have to be Charmander for me. Despite the fact it has a disadvantage for the first 2 Gyms, it can easily overcome the first one with it's new Metal Claw move.
Once it becomes a Charizard it's a reliable Pokemon in-game. It's secondary typing is very useful, it can be taught Fly.

I never really liked using Bulbasaur, I will use it soon though as I'm planning to play Leafgreen after finishing Sapphire...

Squirtle becomes a tank of Pokemon. It's also very useful with it's Surfing capabilities. It comes as a close second.
Well yeah and I don't think he is bad in first 2 gyms. Maybe I had beat Brock's Geodude in 2 or 3 hits. And well Onix was a hard one. Well hey I also don't like Bulbasaur very much but Bulbasaur isn't bad though. And yeah i useful about water capabilities as you said, It also has disadvantage while beating the league.

Originally posted by Crino :
Squirtle! I'd evolve mine to Wartortle and keep it that way. Not the strongest but my favorite design-wise, plus he can always pick up Ice Beam and Bite along the way.
Yeah Sqirtle is well at design also Blastoise, I also like it from the Design way though it doesn't perform well in League and some gym battle.

Originally posted by pokemasta92 :
Charmander because its final evolve form has the power of flight! No one seems to ever mention this. People that like him always talk about the literal fire power and how fire types are the greatest. Fire is my favorite type, but regardless of what type Charizard is, he has wings! He is the only flying starter Pokémon as of now and that gives him an automatic over all the others (except Pikachu).
Well we have common choices yeah I also Like Charmander for both it's design and its base stat. And yeah his wings look great but after he got evolved to Charizard I didn't found a attractive thing in him. Well after Charmeleon evolves to Charizard it doesn't look good in design for me but it's great however.

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