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I've just been playing through this, and it looks magnificent.
However I think I have found a bug D:
Basically I accidentally accessed the postgame early by being curious whether you could fly to the center. (You cannot, by the way)
I left the area after realizing that is was in fact postgame.
However when I returned I found I was unable to use the PC's, they all displayed the message that occurs when you go to the One Island PC before you save Lostelle. This means that I can't access the PCs, at all. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'd like my Castform, please.

EDIT: Okay so I went to Three Island, and the center Leads to Cinnabar (?) but I was able to access the PC there.
By the way, you get the Tri-Pass in the postgame. That is probably kind of important in case someone else gets this bug!
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