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Quote originally posted by AlexTheRose:
History is always written by the winners, and because Columbus' side won their right to history, his bad qualities often get overlooked because those who put him into history were biased towards him.

Adolf Hitler was possibly the biggest name in genocide in human history, and nobody forgets him because of that. Why? He lost the war, meaning he lost his side of history. Has anyone thought about the possibility of US/UK soldiers brutally murdering pro-Nazi German citizens?
I see what you mean. History is written by the winners (also a quote on MW2). Those who are informed enough know the people in history for what they were and what they actually did was. Most people though, don't know very much except for what they were taught.
While we are on the subject of Adolf Hitler, he was doing much research on important scientific things such as finding a way to make children be born in twins. (Whether or not he was successful is up for debate) Some of his experimentation was actually in union with the United States for awhile with his ideas of building an utopia, until he instituted his whole "kill all the jews" thing, so he was taken care of. No one ever hears that side of the story because we won, not him.
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