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Originally Posted by HystericalGengar View Post
Hey, I have Pokemon White. I caught Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion but the thing is..
Virizion isn't in my storage. I didn't release it, I didn't put in a daycare.

My pokedex says I caught it and it should definitely be in my storage. I planned on using it but it's not there anymore. Is this a glitch? I hate it. I want my Virizion!!! And I love my team. I'm after the part where I defeated N and Team Plasma. I don't want to restart.
Did you carefully look through the PC boxes? All of them? It's probably somewhere in your game. If it's not, you've accidentally released it. I've never heard of a Pokémon removing glitch other then the Bad Egg. But that's kinda impossible to get in B/W.