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Alright, this is gonna be a bit of a marathon post!

It's something I have definitely thought about, before, though, so it's mostly just recycling my own ideas. I've been trying to do an eighteen Gyms thing in my head because I can't just pick and choose Types, but for this post, I'm whittling it down to the eight Types I feel need new Gyms the most!

I've tried my hardest to keep these Gym Leaders in line with the main Pokémon canon so that they could conceivably happen, in theory I mean. I predicted Wulfric and Ramos, so maybe Generation VII will provide a few characters quite a bit like these!

I'll worry about the Elite Four and the Champion later, they're a bit harder to do right!

1. Kindle
"White-Hot Host!"
-Fire-Type specialist
-The showy and flamboyant host of an acclaimed Pokémon variety show and never one to turn down a public appearance. His fun and passionate persona makes him popular with kids, and as such he enjoys providing the first Gym challenge for many new Trainers.
-Litleo (Level 12)
-Darumaka (Level 14)
Sizzle Badge
TM: Fire Spin
Additional notes: Kindle would frequently appear on televisions throughout the region on various "episodes" of his show (one I have yet to name), much like Christoph and Nancy would in B2/W2.

2. Mendel
"Unlocking the Science of the Inexplicable"
-Psychic-Type Specialist
-An eccentric and reclusive doctor researching the science and potential behind psychic powers. He has made great developments in regards to Pokémon communication, nearly achieving a telepathic link. The gravity of his research makes him a bit paranoid about others stealing his ideas or inventions.
-Slowpoke (Level 18)
-Inkay (Level 20)
Neuro Badge
TM Psyshock
Additional notes: Some invention of his to synchronize with Pokémon and fully harness their powers personally could prove to be important in the long run as a crucial part of the villain team's endgame.

3. Dusty
"Tenacity and Toughness Beneath the Surface!"
-Ground-Type specialist
-A rowdy tomboy with a penchant for getting dirty. Although she and Kristy may have their differences, the two of them are long-time best friends and nigh-inseparable. She has a latent talent for detecting objects beneath the dirt.
-Diggersby (Level 26)
-Graveler (Level 28)
-Dugtrio (Level 30; it's under-leveled, but worse things have happened)
Grit Badge
TM Mud Bomb
Additional notes: Her Gym would be entirely underground in a valley city. This city would be separated from Kristy's summit city by a looming mountain overhead. As the French would say, "That's some contrast brah"

4. Kristy
"Beauty and Elegance Atop the Shining Peaks"
-Rock-Type specialist
-Whereas her childhood friend Dusty related to the messy, gritty side of earth-based Pokémon, Kristy found herself more enamored by the sheen of jewels. Famous for her glamorous designs, Kristy's bejeweled couture is coveted by many elite socialites.
-Amaura (Level 29)
-Boldore (Level 29)
-Carbink (Level 32)
Jewel Badge
TM Power Gem
Additional notes: Her Gym would be a rising tower in a high-altitude city, on the mountaintop overlooking Dusty's low-lying valley city.

5. Haywood
"The Fellow from the Forest"
-Grass-Type Specialist
-The heir of the very wealthy but very strange Sylvester family, a family that forgoes all of the social events that the upper class tends to entail, preferring to keep to themselves in their mansion deep in the woods. Haywood's easygoing, if a bit quiet, performance as a Gym Leader has helped to quash rumors surrounding the family.
-Nuzleaf (Level 34)
-Trevenant (Level 35)
-Exeggutor (Level 38)
Pine Badge
TM Ingrain
Additional notes: The Sylvester Mansion would be a hidden side-area in one of the game's forests, and indeed the rest of the Sylvester family is as normal as Haywood, simply preferring the quiet company of Pokémon to the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle.

6. Malory
"Terrible Queen of Monsters"
-Dark-Type specialist
-A snarky and snide girl with a fashion sense somewhere between punk and goth. She has a dark sense of humor, her completely deadpan delivery even making some uncomfortable. Her "too cool for this" personality can be abrasive, but, as her overwrought Gym Leader title would suggest, she is more than happy to embrace goofier things.
-Pangoro (Level 38)
-Sharpedo (Level 40)
-Scrafty (Level 42)
Fiend Badge
TM Nasty Plot
Additional notes: Daughter of the groundskeeper of the region's Pokémon cemetery, Malory can be found there on certain nights and will help the player catch otherwise unobtainable Pokémon with her knowledge of the crypt.

7. Vin
"Garbage Collector, Poison Protector!"
-Poison-Type specialist
-The oddball of the League by far, this young man makes a hobby out of sneaking onto the garbage barges of his industrial port hometown with his Pokémon, discovering various discarded treasures and the occasional abused or lost Pokémon. While crass and a bit vulgar, Vin makes a point to tolerate everybody except those that would bully the mistreated.
-Vileplume (Level 43)
-Swalot (Level 44)
-Skuntank (Level 44)
-Garbodor (Level 46)
Filth Badge
TM Sludge Wave
Additional notes: Vin would be found outside of his Gym at times, occasionally having various items from his latest trash dive to give to the player.

8. Pinkley
"The Wisest and Worldliest!"
-Fairy-Type specialist
-A prim no-nonsense old woman with a fairy godmother look, Pinkley is very knowledgeable on many Pokémon subjects, but refuses to share her strategic secrets with those she deems will use them for foul means. A much more pleasant person once you get past her stern exterior, Pinkley has a soft spot for newbie Trainers and is more than willing to help them begin.
-Granbull (Level 47)
-Aromatisse (Level 48)
-Slurpuff (Level 48)
-Togekiss (Level 50)
Diviner Badge
TM Moonblast
Additional notes: With competitive play becoming easier and easier to access, Pinkley could provide something like an advanced Trainer School. Instead of telling the player stuff they figured out a decade ago, she would provide insight on useful strategies and counters and that sort of thing.

So how is it?
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