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Oh I'm working on a hack and I have this perfectly planned out already.


Gym 1 Normal, Angela (a religous catholic nun that is trying to get rid of ghost, psychic, and dark types)
Blissey (14)
Jigglypuff (12)
Slakoth (13)
Herdier (13)
TM : Headbutt, Normal Badge (I seriously can't make a cool name out of normal type)

Gym 2 Poison, Mark (A young guy that is intrested in science and nuclear weapons)
Muk (19)
Tentacruel (21)
Weezing (20)
TM: Toxic, Toxic Badge

Gym 3 Dragon, Lily ( a young girl that likes dragon pokemon because she thinks they're cool)
Dragonair (21)
Altaria (24)
Druddigon (26)
Vibrava (22)
TM: Dragon Claw, Mystical Badge

Gym 4 Fighting, Matthew (35 year old man whose gym is in a prison, and he is the warden)
Pangoro (32)
Lucario (29)
Heracross (31)
Poliwhirl (28)
TM: Focus Punch, Brutal Badge

Gym 5 Fire, Ricky ( a 15 year old pyromaniac that likes fire and burning things)
Arcanine (35)
Ninetails (34)
Magmar (32)
Lampent (31)
Houndoom (34)
TM: Flamethrower, Flare badge

Gym 6 Steel, Stella (lol see what I did there) (a middle aged woman that has been through hard (lol) times)
Aggron (40)
Bastiodon (39)
Metagross (42)
Bronzong (38)
Bisharp (41)
TM: Steel wing, Sharp badge

Gym 7 Fairy, Abby ( a 10 year old playful little girl)
Gardevoir (45)
Mawile (43)
Granbull (42)
Clefable (41)
Mr.Mime (44)
Deddene (44)
TM: Moonblast, Cute Badge

Gym 8 Bug, Geronimo (A 40 year old man that enjoys collecting bugs)
Volbeat (47)
Illumise (47)
Scyther (48)
Scizor (48)
Vespiquen (49)
Scoliopede (52)

And the Elite Four
First Member Manny, Dark (16 year old kid that is intrested in ninjas and martial arts)
Greninja (56)
Weavile (57)
Houndoom (54)
Hydreigon (58)
Malamar (55)
Zoroark (55)

Second Member, Andres, Electricity ( a punk that likes to play rock music)
Jolteon (57)
Luxray (58)
Electivire (55)
Manectric (59)
Raichu (56)
Rotom (56)

Third Member, Ice, Mary ( a 20 year old woman who likes to go skiing)
Weavile (58)
Walrein (59)
Lapras (56)
Glaceon (60)
Mamoswine (57)
Vanilluxe (57)

Fourth Member, Psychic, Alvaro ( a 25 year old guy that likes to battle)
Alakazam (59)
Gardevoir (60)
Exxegutor (57)
Gallade (61)
Metagross (58)
Bronzong (58)

Champion, Flying, Not sure about the name (A 17 year old guy that is best friends with Ricky and likes flying around in his flying pokemon)
Dragonite (63)
Crobat (62)
Talonflame (61)
Braviary (64)
Gliscor (66)
Archeops (65)

Pokémon Fluorite Version (Beta 2 Released)

Beta 1 is out! Click on the image to get it!

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