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Well, the U.S. DID do tons of terrible things.

The majority of its wars were done for reasons NOT what people were told about.

The Founding Fathers hired mobs to burn down homes and blamed the British - in addition to them orchestrating the Boston Massacre - and it was all due to a desire for power.

The Civil War is said to have been for racial freedom but that wasn't the case - it was really for industrialism to spread so that corporations could own the South and spread business there, which is why the Union orchestrated the South Carolina incident - they wanted to look like heroes, which allowed them to hide the fact that they didn't let blacks into their armed forces until the very end of the war, even though many free blacks fought FOR the Confederacy just wanting to keep the South as it was.

The Internment Camps~ :D

You also have the Cold War - where the U.S. and Russia pretty much created Terrorism and spread it throughout the entire world. Then 9/11 - where going against Terrorism was supposed to be the reason but, in fact, it was for natural resources. And yes, there ARE records showing that high government officials knew the 9/11 incident would happen, so don't say it was due to planes crashing into buildings - that was all a ruse the government orchestrated.

And RIGHT when people were about to be fine with leaving the Middle East and started to focus on the corruption in government, what happened oh so conveniently? Oh, that's right! The Boston Marathon Massacre! And no one believed that Muslims did it. That's because the govt had done this so many times throughout the years that people just plain have stopped believing the govt when it points fingers.


So yeah. The more you know.

History may be written by the victor, but it's corrected by the truth.

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