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Chapter 37
“—an' then a giant erupting volcano emerged in the middle of the ocean!” Lais exclaimed, extending her wings wide apart, but suddenly yelped and flapped them again to stay airborne.

Lais carried two stacks of papers on both her claws, or talons. Hm... I don't remember much about my animal science subject during grade school. Were bird's feet called claws, or talons? Or were they simply called feet? Blah...

“Wwwooowww...!” Fay wow'ed in amazement, who was walking beside the hovering Murkrow, and I could actually see small sparkling stars sparking from her eyes as I and the rest of us followed the two nutty-heads.

“An' then as soon as it came out, a giant purple cen'ipede came out from the mouth of the volcano an' rushed down towards my trainer an' I!”

I groaned as my headache was getting worse.

“But Bill an' I weren't prepared to face such monstrosity, so he ordered some Saur Magi—”

“Sour,” I interrupted with an angry tone.

“—karp Stew... Er, yes, Sour Magikarp Stew when the waiter arrived, and he said that I should use it and splash it on the millipede's eyes!”

I tiredly grit my teeth as I turned to my other friends. Vixie was helplessly smiling in defeat, Saur was faking a calm and reassuring smile, and Shock was gripping both his ears flat down with both hands, and he has a reddened forehead from all the face-palming.

“One loose screw was bearable,” Shock hissed through gritted teeth. “Two's insanity...!”

I wanted to chuckle, but I was too annoyed to do so. “M-maybe we should give some distance from insanity?”

The three of them immediately agreed by nodding their heads. We stopped and waited until we could no longer understand a single word the Murkrow was feeding the Rattata.

Anyway, we were already climbing up a hill on an earthy pathway towards Professor Oak's laboratory. There were trees and houses on either side, and there were humans and Pokémon who were either staring at us for no apparent reason, or were simply ignoring us. There were a few kids who wore huge smiles as they stared at us and called us ‘Lazy Oak's Pokémon.’ I guess it's normal for people here to see Oak's Pokémon walking around...

“Jay,” Vixie called.

“Huh?” I actually felt my ears twitched as I turned to her. “Wazzup?”

“Just curious, but how are you going to talk to this Bull guy?”

“Bill,” I corrected her. “And to answer your question...” I trailed off as words vanished from my throat and mind. I was hopelessly drawing a blank here... Drawing! That's it! “...I could write my message on paper or on the ground or something...”

Vixie looked as if she didn't understand my answer. Shock as well. Good thing Saur was now giving me a real and calm smile.

“You didn't think this through, did you?” Saur calmly asked.

My eye twitched. And here I was thanking him of his smile. “Screw you, too,” I glared at him, and the Bulbasaur just chuckled.

Hm... Yeah, what Saur said was definitely true... I should try and think of a good way to communicate with him.

“—but there were sticky webs everywhere an' I needed to—”

Dangerously close to danger range there... Anyway, how in blazes am I going to talk to him? I can just go with my plan and write it down, but I don't have anything on me for writing, aaannnddd...since I'm considered a ‘wild Pokémon’, me rummaging around for a pen and paper might give them the wrong signal and try to either capture me or throw me out...or get beaten to a pulp by their Pokémon...

Hm... Well, Lais currently has a few papers I could use. All I need now is a pen...or something for writing...

“We're here!” Lais suddenly shouted, snapping me back to reality.

She and Fay were in front of a tall iron gate. The lab was apparently protected by an iron fence, that was taller than regular houses in the town. And oh, the gate was apparently left wide open for ANYONE to enter. What's the use of the gate then?

“Lais,” I called as we approached the duo. “Can I have a piece of paper please?”

She blinked while flapping her wings to stay airborne. “Why?”

“Well, I'm going to—”

She dropped everything on the ground, scattering the papers everywhere AGAIN.

“Okay!” she chirped as I glared at her.

“Lais!” a familiar voice called from ahead of us. The door of the lab, which was meters away from the gate, opened, and out came the person I've been wanting to talk to. “What took you so lo—aiiiyyyeee!” he screamed as I noticed a few papers flying by in front of me, floating with the gentle evening breeze.

Bill started running towards us in panic as Saur, Fay, Vixie and Lais busied themselves by catching the papers. I looked around and noticed a paper that landed on the ground in front of me. Hm...

I poked a nail out from my paw and wrote my message. Bill and the others were busy collecting the papers while Shock was observing what I was doing with an arched eyebrow.

“You weren't kidding with your drawing plan, huh?” the Pikachu commented.

I ignored him as I heard Bill sighed. “Well, hopefully, I didn't lose anything.”

I still have a paper pinned down by a paw here. I looked up to him and he noticed me.

“Oh, thanks!” he said as he leaned down to grab it.

Now's my chance, I guess. “Saur,” I called, my eyes locked on Bill. “Grab him!”


“Just do it!” ...I miss my shoes...

Saur reluctantly shot two vines up and wrapped the yelping human, restricting his arms and feet from movement.

“He-hey!” Bill stammered. “W-what is this?! What are you doing?!”

“Shock, Vixie,” I called. “Light's up!” I gestured on the ground.

The two blinked at each other before Shock began to summon bright sparks from his cheeks on my left and Vixie slowly breathing out fumes of bright fire on my right.

I stared at Bill, and he looked at me with nervous eyes.

“If you guys won't let him go,” Lais rubbed her head, “then I'm going to attack you.”

I ignored her as I gestured with a paw for Bill to stare on the ground.

He didn't understand at first, so I poked the ground a few times before he looked at it, and he quietly gasped as he read my handwr—paw-writing.

“‘Bill,’” he read, his voice converting from nervousness to curiosity, “‘I need your help.’” He slowly looked back at me with surprised eyes, and then he groaned as he hung his head. “Ugh...not again...”

I...arched an eyebrow... I actually repeating a repeated journey here or something?!

Suddenly, I felt something knocking me down, the air escaping my lungs as my head hit the ground, hard, and the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was black feathers covering the white full moon....and red glowing eyes.

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