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Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
Interested in these:

Shiny Raikou (Timid)
HP - Ice
IV's: 30/14/30/31/31/31

Shiny Yanma (Modest)
HP - Ground
Ability: Speed Boost
IV's: 30/31/31/30/30/31

I'm not ready to update my shop yet but here's what I can offer you
Flawless/near flawless shinie's:

Kyurem Lonely
Genesect Hasty
Chansey Bold Seismic toss & counter
Heatran calm
Heatran timid
Politoed drizzle
Dratini/dragonite multiscale
Aerodactyl adamant
Cottonee/whimiscott prankster
Latios hp fire
Dugtrio arena trap
Larvitar dragon dance
Vulpix drought timid
Gligar immunity
Staryu timid
Beldum adamant
Magnezone timid hp fire
Salamence jolly moxie
Terrakion jolly
Arcanine jolly
Gastrodon sassy
Ferroseed/ferrothorn relaxed 0 spee IV’s
Latias timid
Gliscor impish poison heal
Aerodactyl jolly
Volcarona bold
Gastly timid
Gastly modest
Litwick Modest
Rotom calm
Rotom modest
Conkeldurr adamant guts
Hydreigon modest


World12 Pikachu
Feb2012 mewtwo
Dw tornadus flawless hp ice
Dw thundurus flawless hp ice
Movie 14 victini flawless
Abram cloyster
Gamestop celebi flawless
Smr 2012 keldeo flawless hp ghost
Spr2013 meloetta
Dw palkia
Win2011 suicune
Dw bulbasaur flawless hp fire
Smr2010 jirachi
Gamestop suicune
Gamestop deoxys
Nobunagas rayquaza
10 aniv celebi
Vgc12 larvitar
Japanese wishmaker jirachi
Plasma genesect
Win2011 celebi
Oblivia shaymin
Korean bagon
Win2013 keldeo
Korean deino
Tru shaymin
Win2011 raikou
Japanese space center deoxys
Japanese genesect
Dw dialga
Tru arceus
Alamos darkrai
Space center deoxys
Dw arceus
Fal2010 mew
Gamestop entei
Win2011 entei
Japanese dw charmander
shiny japanese genesect flawless hasty natured
Sorry for the late response.

I am interested in your DW Naive Bulbasaur

DW Bulbasaur
Nature: Naive
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle | Leech seed | Vine Whip | Growl
Ivs: 31 | 30 | 31 | 30 | 31 | 30 Hidden power fire 70
My Trade Thread:
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