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It was about 6 yrs when I last played Pokemon back when I was a kid lol.
It just came to me to play again since it can be emulated in android.

Now I need help to maximize my pokemon stats, it doesnt need to be perfect.
Firstly, I have basic questions to start with, so if you will help me.
Im playing Emerald version.

1.)What are the main factors of pokemon stats?-IV, EV, Nature, Base stats... thats all I know, tell me if I miss something. dont mention something like level for example cuz iirc thats under base stats already, not sure.

2.) When are Natures and IVs determined?-upon catching? or.. ur answe

r3.) Are Base stats on default for each pokemon?

4.) Do EVs start with zero?-like, upon catching it is zero?

5.) Is there a set default IV and Nature for legendaries? or is it the same as normal pkmn which is changeable?

So thats it. Countin on you guys!