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Chapter 39
“...and you can see here,” Bill said, clicking a button on his laptop, and changing the image that was shown on a large screen through a projector that was connected to his laptop.

My friends, and Krys' friends and I sat together on Oak's backyard, under the shadow of a large wall-less tent-thingy. Bill was discussing a few of his discoveries, which wasn't really that much, in front of a large group of scientists and researchers. Among those in the audience were Professor Oak himself, Elm, Rowan, and other random professor NPCs.

Anyway, back to Bill... He showed an image of his nutty Murkrow, with lines and some scientific mumbo-jumbo labels on 'em.

“Now, I'm sure everyone here already know these, as I've shown this to you from our previous meeting,” Bill said, clicking another button, and changing the image, this time the image was split in half. One half was some sort of aurora-like DNA structure or something, while the other was a normal-looking DNA structure. “But, I've busied myself with comparing data between my devolved Murkrow and that of newborn Murkrows, and this image right here,” he hovered his mouse pointer and circled around the normal-looking image of DNA. “This is from newborns, while, of course, the other image is from my devolved Murkrow.

“I have reason to believe that, if I may call it, the ‘evolution aura’ is still present in my devolved Murkrow. Now,” he clicked and changed the image once more, this time displaying various DNA images with labels of different Pokémon names. A few of them were normal-looking, while a few were rainbow-colored. “I've also collected DNA samples from trainers' Pokémon. I've also conducted a small interview on them. Interestingly enough, all these rainbow-colored DNA's are from devolved Pokémon, while normal ones are all from Pokémon who haven't experienced evolution yet.”

“Are you saying that,” Elm spoke, a hand on his chin, “the magical process of evolution is still inside a devolved Pokémon?”

“In other words,” Rowan spoke, “something is stopping the evolution process from making these Pokémon evolve. But we already know that.”

Bill nodded, looking determined. “This discovery is a step closer of strengthening the theory that some strange magical force is locking the evolution process from ever happening. Once that force subsides, devolved Pokémon might evolve back.”

Murmurs erupted from the audience, as well as from my friends.

“So,” Krys spoke, and capturing my attention. “What do you wanna evolve into?”

“Eh? Honestly, I never gave thought to it.” I shrugged. “I am just concentrating on going back home.”

“I know, but,” she smiled. “I'm kinda curious what it feels like to evolve! I wanna be a Vaporeon! No, wait! An Espeon! Yeah!” and she dreamily stared into the blue sky. “Oh, Espeons are so cool and beautiful... If I ever evolve into one, then I don't think I'll ever wanna leave this place! I'll be a beautiful Espeon forever!”

I rolled my eyes. “Hate to rain on your parade, princess,” she curiously looked at me, “but that would mean a trainer capturing you, and,” I grinned slyly, “give you lots and loooooots of looove,” and I wiggled my eyebrows for that ‘special’ emphasis.

It worked. The redness and the look of horror on her face is too epic, I burst out laughing.

“This isn't really something we can all just laugh about, you know,” Shock glared at me as I wiped my teary eyes with a paw. “This is serious.”

Saur and my other friends nodded. I just rolled my eyes.

“Shock's right,” a Chikorita agreed, who was one of Krys' friends. Her name's escaping me at the moment.

Anyway, aside from the Chikorita, Krys also befriended a male Surskit, who was currently on the Chikorita's back, his thin legs wrapped around her belly. The two strangely look like a discolored Bulbasaur, if you ignore Chiko's long leaf on her head. Anyway, the Surskit's name is also escaping me at the moment...and he's too freaking quiet. The only thing I ever got from him was his ‘nice to meet you’ when Krystal and I were introducing everyone to each other. Meh...

“If something is stopping us from evolving, then we must go and look for it and try to stop it.”

The professors already resumed their discussion, but we were ignoring them, since we were having a discussion of our own.

“Something,” I said, “or probably someone.” They all gave me curious looks, and I just shrugged. “Hey, even the legendaries are still clueless of what or who did this. Anyway,” I shrugged, “I don't really care if I'll evolve or not. I just want to go home.”

Krystal frowned. “Do you really think Celebi can ask Arceus to help us? A lot of Pokémon actually don't believe Arceus even exist.”

“Celebi looked like he's real, so there's that,” I smiled.

“I agree,” Saur nodded. “She did speak and look like Arceus is real.”

Shock just sighed. “Still, interested or not, you got nothing else to do, right?”

I smiled. “As long as Oak provides free meals, then I ain't going anywhere.”

Shock groaned. “You're hopeless...”

“Well,” Krystal turned to Shock. “I wanna help.” She nodded with a smile. “I mean, hey, it's going to be a once in a lifetime adventure! I'll gladly take this opportunity before I turn back into human.” She puffed. “The human world's boring.”

I chuckled. “Once you reach legal age, males will give you a—”

“Don't you dare finish that sentence,” she hissed and glared at me.

I snickered. “Whatever you say, princess. You know its true.”


My eye twitched. “I'll shut up now.”

She grinned. “Good.”

“Jay has a point,” Fay chirped.

Krystal glared at her. “I will NOT become a wh—”

“If Bi and the other legendaries couldn't find the cause, then what will our chances be?”

Everyone were dead quiet. Fay is weird, and sometimes she points out very good points. Yeah, she's weird like that.

Shock sighed in defeat. “I hate to say it, but Fay's right...” he looked back at us. “There are many legendaries in the world. They're powerful, and they have different kinds of abilities that would surely locate something they wish to find.”

“The problem is that they haven't yet,” Vixie frowned. “Even with their legendary powers, they still couldn't fix it.”

“Or maybe another legendary's hiding or protecting it from them,” Krystal said. All eyes fall to her.

“That...” the Chikorita said, “...might be possible...” She looked at the others. “It's possible, right?”

“A legendary who is lying...” Shock crossed his arms and thought about it. “Why would they even hide such a thing and lie about it to the others?”

Vixie nodded. “And what could they possibly even gain from it?”

“Yah,” Fay chirped. “It's not like legendaries can evolve!”

They continued their quiet throws of questions and theories as I turned back to the discussing humans. Apparently, their discussion were going in a loop, while my group managed to land on a possible conclusion. This is even deeper than I thought.

But I do have a choice though. I could just wait here and not be involved, or I could join them into whatever quest they're going to take. The former sounds very appealing though, but what if neither Arceus nor Palkia will help me? And Krystal, for that matter. What if they're too busy worrying about their fellow Pokémon's problems?

...or what if one of them's the culprit behind all this?

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