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Originally Posted by awipe1 View Post
Anyone know why my advanced map connection isn't working? They are both lined up on both sides of the connection (from the town to the route and from the route to the town the connections are fine).

When I walk from the town to the route there is no problem, but when I walk from the route to the town there is an invisable wall. Any reason why this is happening? I checked the connection from the route to the town and there is a connection there so I have no idea why this is happening.
Check your connections and see if there are "offset" values on the offset field.

Originally Posted by Maxedoutfreaky View Post
Thank you so much DestinedJagold. :D

EDIT: My FireRed ROM is not supported but it's BPRE........ I still need a Decap. patch.......
Oh, well, if you're just starting a hack, you might as well use 11bayerf1's FR ROM Base.

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