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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Hey y'all! Not letting this club die! If you know me, you know I tend to disappear from the forum for weeks at a time Sorry, sorry, sorry...

We got a new topic from me, and Olli97 will be contributing another one as well! Do any of our kitties deserve or desperately need a mega evolution? If so, what would its new stat distribution, movepool, and design be? Anything else you want to add would be fine, too!
At least you didn't disappear for 2 years...
(like a certain Flying-type person did... *cough, cough*)

I'll create some Mega cats & make a new post when I'm done.

& by the way, it's Abigail, not Abigale... not a big deal, but I would appeciate
it if the spelling got corrected...
Will anypony volunteer to make me
a Super Smash Bros. themed pony character
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