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Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Hey y'all! Not letting this club die! If you know me, you know I tend to disappear from the forum for weeks at a time Sorry, sorry, sorry...

We got a new topic from me, and Olli97 will be contributing another one as well! Do any of our kitties deserve or desperately need a mega evolution? If so, what would its new stat distribution, movepool, and design be? Anything else you want to add would be fine, too!
At least you didn't disappear for 2 years...
(like a certain Flying-type person did... *cough, cough*)

I'll create some Mega cats & make a new post when I'm done.

& by the way, it's Abigail, not Abigale... not a big deal, but I would appeciate
it if the spelling got corrected...
17 days until the most SMASHing day of the year!
Aw man, spoilers in sigatures were disabled...
Oh well, at least my cute face is here to save the day!