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Chapter 41
A strange feeling of thin and ticklish hairs on my cheek snapped me back with a quiet chuckle.

“Ah,” Fay chirped, who pulled her whiskers back. “You've been floating on clouds for quite a while now,” she giggled.

I blinked and suddenly realized that I was still seated on the sofa in Professor Oak's living room. I was by the arm-rest, and Fay was beside me. Beside her was Shock, and beside him was Saur, and beside him was Vixie, and beside her was Krystal, and beside her was Lais, and beside that bird-brain was the Chikorita plus the Surskit bagpack.

And I think we came here to discuss a few things with Bill and Professor Oak, who currently sat on the other sofa in front of ours, a simple table in between, where Bill's laptop and stacks of papers were placed, and some cups of coffee, and two plates of Pokémon brownie-like food.

Aaannnddd...there's a reason why, as Fay put it, I was floating on clouds... Vixie's confession was...uhm...shocking? Surprising? Unexpected?

For all my life, Vixie was the first female who ever confessed their um...feelings to me...or at me? Anyway, yeah, she was the first, human or Pokémon, and I have absolutely no idea how to handle such a situation.

My cheeks suddenly felt hot as I recalled my reply to her when she told me about it.

“Um...okay...” I blinked as I felt my heart started pounding nervously hard, my eyes were deeply locked on hers. “”

Oh, how her smile faded and that disappointed look she gave me... Goddamnit, that was so freaking embarrassing! How stupid of a reply was that?! Ack! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupi—

“Are you okay?” Bill asked, and I blinked back, and realized that I was gritting my teeth.

I saw everyone's eyes were on me as well, and I felt my two ears droop. “Uh...y-yeah... Yeah, I'm fine...”

“He said he's fine,” Krystal said, who currently was wearing the Pokémon-to-English translating collar. She was still angry at me, if her voice was to be judged. “Just busy thinking of home.”

I turned to glare at her, but my eyes instead fell on Vixie, who then took a glimpse at me and smiled. My throat suddenly felt dry, and I found it super-freaking hard to turn my head back.

Ugh... This is really really stupid. Why in blazes am I feeling this way? I mean, com'on! She's a freaking Pokémon! I'm a human! Yeah... Yeah, I'm right... She's a Pokémon, while I'm a human... That won't work. That will never work! And I don't care if there was a human eks Gardevoir watchamacallit. I am NOT into Pokémon! Period! Nope! No siree!

“Are you in love?”

“Ayyyiiieee!!!” I jumped back in surprise, and saw Fay's confused stare. I looked at the others, and their eyes were once again on me.

Fay slowly, slowly had a grin on her lips, and a very mischievous glint on her eyes. “You are, aren't you?”

“No I'm not!” I replied. “That's just stupid and silly!”

“What's stupid and silly?” Oak asked, blinking at me.

My...voice was probably very loud for the collar to translate it.

“Um...nothing?” I gulped.

Krystal rolled her eyes and turned back to the two humans. “Ignore him. He's probably currently hitting puberty.”

“Hey!” I said as the two humans chuckled. I was about to add something more when I saw Fay's snout closing in on Shock's curious ears.

“Whoa!” she gasped as I pulled her beside me with her tail.

I grabbed her face with both paws, fixed her gaze on me, and I glared into her very soul.

“Don't,” I hissed, ignoring Shock who was asking what was going on. “You. Dare. Spread. Such. Lies.”

She just grinned, strangely got off from my grip, and leaned beside my ear. “So who's the lucky girl?” she whispered.

“I told you that I am not in love!” I whispered back, ignoring Saur and Shock, who were giving me strange looks. “Nor am I attracted or magnetized or whatever you wanna call it!”

“Liar,” she snickered. “There's Vixie, Krysie, Lais, Chiko, and me.”

I groaned as I pushed her away from me. She however, was still talking while in deep thought, her gaze concentrated on the sofa.

“But I don't think you're into birds, so Lais is out...”

This time, Vixie joined in on giving me a strange look. I just chuckled at the trio. “Please ignore her?”

Shock shook his head. “You've been acting very weird ever since Vixie fetched you...” He then turned to her. “What happened?”

Saur turned to her as well as Vixie blinked at Shock.

“Oh, uh,” Vixie slowly looked at me, and I glared at her. She just gave me a grin before turning back to Shock, still wearing that grin. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Shock fixed her a suspicious glare. “You're lying...”

“Oh my gosh!” Fay suddenly shouted and turned to the surprised Pikachu. She pointed a paw at him. “That's it! Jay's in l—mmf!!!”

I jumped on the rat's back and pushed her face against the sofa. She struggled to break free while Saur and Shock wondered if they should stop me.

Krys just sighed. “See? Puberty...”

I wanted to glare at that annoying brat, but once again, my eyes fell on Vixie, who was just smiling at me. I glared at her as I mouthed ‘we need to talk.’

She just nodded and returned her attention at the humans. Shock was already pushing me off of Fay as Saur blinked at me, and then back at Vixie, and then back at me, and then a wide smile formed on his lips.

Oh, poop... This is spreading incredibly and annoyingly fast. I tiredly glared at the Bulbasaur and gestured with my paw to zip his lips. He just nodded and returned his attention to the discussing humans.

“Really Jay,” Shock rubbed Fay's back as he fixed me a glare. “What was that all about?”

I shrugged. “Just stopping Fay from saying something, which is completely nonsense and could ruin my day...”

“Ah...” Fay turned to me and grinned yet again. “So it's true then.”

I looked away.

“Fay,” Shock sighed. “Stop pushing his buttons.”

“Okay,” she chirped happily at Shock, who nodded and turned back. She quickly then turned back to me with a very big grin. “For now...”

“Oh, Joy...” I buried my face against the sofa.

Fay chuckled and leaned her mouth by my ear. “She likes yellow flowers,” she whispered, and I mentally blinked. “She doesn't like Rawst Berries. She hates it if you give her stuff she thinks are useless. She used to have a huge crush on Shock. She always wondered how it would feel to lie on her mate's back while he carries her around. She—”

I touched her nose with a paw as I slowly pulled myself into a sitting position. “Shut up, please,” I sighed. “Just...shut up.” I pulled my paw back and looked away. “I don't like her, okay?” I turned to her. “So, stop. It's...annoying.”

Fay nodded with a smile. She then turned and sat beside me. “Yeah, I know.” She took a breath and sighed. “Love's confusing, no?”

I hung my head and sighed. “Yeah...” I blinked...and blinked, and blinked. “Wait...”

She giggled and hurriedly walked away before I could hit her head.

“Darn it,” I hissed at her retreating form as I lowered my paw.

Fay pushed herself in between Shock and Saur, eliciting an annoyed grumble from the Pikachu as he moved beside me. Fay then walked back and pushed herself in between Saur and Vixie, wherein Saur gladly moved as he turned to me with an apologetic smile. I felt my two ears droop yet again as I sighed and as Fay whispered nonsense to Vixie...

Ugh... I just want to go hooommmeee...

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