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Quote originally posted by damientheomen3:
National Park Theme from G/S/C for sure. So damn calming, made me just wanna go out and catch as many pokemon as I could. #memories
Maybe it's just the nostalgia rush but that tune makes my chest heavy, man. Really sad and sweet melody.

Quote originally posted by No Chance Without Zekrom:
My favorite Pokemon music would be some of the legendary battle themes (the ones for the creation trio, Arceus, Black/White Kyurem, Ho-oh, Yveltal/Xerneas/Zygarde, and Deoxys) all the Champion themes (except for Iris's), and the Heartgold/Soulsilver Kanto Gym Leader battle theme.

That battle theme is my jam!

It's really hard to pick a favourite as Pokemon has such good music, but here are some top ones (not in any order):

Blue Battle Theme - Pokemon Red/Blue

Ice Cave - Pokemon Gold

Mt. Coronet - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Piano Before Cynthia Theme - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Cynthia Battle Theme - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Cynthia Battle Theme - Black/White (yes I love Cynthia and her music haha)

Route 113 - Ruby/Sapphire

Abandoned Ship - Ruby/Sapphire

Man I could go on and on. There's just too many to name!
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