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The first ever time I took the test in Blue, I was Torchic. Naturally I reset.
The first ever team I completed the storyline with was me (Laura) as Eevee and my partner as Toto the Totodile. Possibly called Team Mountain? I was at a loss for names and just saw a mountain on the map, so yeah.

Don't quite remember for Time... but I think I was possibly Bulbasaur with a Chimchar partner, or other way around. Vaguely remember wanting to call us Team Pineapple, lol.

Become a bit more creative since then though. Actually I'm planning on restarting the PMD series today, as I have all of them except Red and Infinity (no plans on getting this one, it looks like it butchered the series, and if I don't cry at a PMD ending then it isn't worthy to be a PMD title).

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