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Quote originally posted by ZachLMedia:
Emolga ★ ZachLMedia
Volcarona ★ ZachLMedia

Braixen ★ ZachLMedia
Delphox ★ ZachLMedia
Done! Congrats for being the first person to claim Delphox ^^

Quote originally posted by SkittishHeart:
Hello, it's me again. >w<

Glameow ★ SkittishHeart
Glaceon ★ SkittishHeart

Espeon ★ SkittishHeart
Umbreon ★ SkittishHeart
(I'm quite surprised the sun kitty has more claimers than the moon kitty.)

Thank you. :3
Done! And yeah, but Espeon is just as cool as Umbreon so ;=)

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