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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
I think the TCG is too big to be used as a "mini-game". My intention is for this to be more like a total conversion than an add-on, wherein any game using this mod will be a TCG game only. I will absolutely not support anyone wanting to use this as just part of a regular Pokémon game (even though it'll be possible to do so).

Once I get back into this, I'll rewrite the first post of this thread to have all the information and such.
YAY! To me, Essentials is more about an array of core mechanics and I really like the idea of it basically being the building blocks for different approaches on Pokemon FGD than just a compilation of scripts to encompass something that is more of an all-in-one kind of set up. Once I get my 3D modeling down and a base of Pokemon and Characters I wanted to try and find a collaborative partner for setting up a 3D engine core. However, it is such a big undertaking XD.

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