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Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
From the looks of it, this is going to be my favourite Pokémon romhack.

Are we meant to be able to see a couple of the original locations from Gold/Silver on that bottom-left island on the Town Map when scrolling through, though?
Another issue I've noticed with the Town Map, this time in Kanto: the cursor gets stuck in an infinite loop when you get near the Pokémon League area.
I've listed that in the readme.
The infinite loop thing I think is left over from Gold considering you're not able to get to the rest of Kanto until after the elite four.

Anyway, we've come across a game breaking bug, but I have a way to fix it.
To avoid it, whatever you do, do not save your game inside Acre Forest. It will make you unable to move and progress any further. If you happen to get this bug, this is how you fix it:

1. Rename your save and load it in Pokemon Gold
2. Use DIG or an ESCAPE ROPE to exit the current area
3. Save inside the nearest Pokemon Center
4. Rename and load your save back into Pokemon Bronze

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