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Chapter 48
I'm a bit thankful for Shock for suddenly being quiet, weird, mysterious, unresponsive, and some other words. I know it's bad for me to think like that, since, he's a friend and I'm his friend but, it turned Vixie's attention from me to him, which is a totally great relief at the moment.

I am really starting to regret accepting her love though, and now I am afraid of breaking up with her, just because ‘it was a mistake on my part.’ ...I don't want what happened to Lithe' happen to me as well. Well, this Eevee body's not mine, so whatever harm happens to this won't apply to my human body, I think. But still, I'm currently ‘using’ this body, so I can already imagine the hurt I'm going to be in if my Eevee thingy meets Miss Bitey.

“Why are you shaking?” Fay asked from behind as I led our little group. “It's not cold or anything.”

Oh yeah. It's kinda weird for Shock and Saur to tell me to lead the way. Well, it would make sense, since I am currently the one wearing the ear-piece, or earphone, or whatever. Anyway, Bill's giving me directions of where to go.

I shook my head to get rid of the awful image in my head. I took a breath and sighed. “It's nothing...”

“Did that Billy-guy said something bad?” Fay asked.

“Uh...” Bill's voice echoed in my ear. “I said what now?”

I shook my head, turned, and flashed my friends a soft smile. “Just something I suddenly thought about. Nothing to worry about.”

Shock blinked. “You're not leading us to our deaths, right?”

I deadpanned. “Unfortunately, I am.”

Even though he's clearly troubled about something, Shock still has his sense of...sarcasm? Or Humor? Or sarcastic humor? Whatever. Still, it was nice to know that at least that whatever was troubling him wasn't really pulling him further down to moping.

Anyway, we've been walking around the forest for almost maybe forty minutes now. During that time, we met a few Pokémon living in the area. We dared asked a few, and thankfully, none of them attacked us. Unfortunately, none of them knew anything about the gathering as well. Still, we were thankful that they didn't gave us a hard time.

...Now that I think about it, I should have asked that female Nidoran back then. Then again, two trainers wanted to capture us, so I don't think I would have even thought of asking her about the gathering anyway.

Or maybe the gathering was cancelled because that Nidoran was caught? She did tell us she was going to attend. Maybe that's where she was caught? Although it was also possible for her to be captured before she arrived there.

Blah, why am I suddenly thinking too much about all of this?

Left? Okay.

Hm. Then again, I guess it's perfectly fine for me to think about this. I mean, it's either this than Vixie. She's cute and all but, eh...still not into furries. Why in blazes did I let her, anyway? I did say that we'll take things slow, but so far, I don't feel any progress on me. I still don't like it, and I doubt I ever will. Still, our relationship isn't even a day old yet, so who knows?

Wait... Why do I think like I'm hoping that I'll like her back? I'm a human. Unless Eevee genes are starting to eat away my humanity. That'd be horrifying. Also, what ever happened to the real owner of this Eevee? Did its spirit drifted somewhere and turned into a ghost type? Would it haunt me forever once it found me? Or did my human body transformed into this Eevee, like those typical fanfics I read a few times during boring hours at work?

Damn, I think lots of weird stuff when there's nothing else to do. Turn right. Oh, there's a clearing up ahead.

“Oh!” Fay chirped. “There's a clearing up ahead!”

...that was redundant...anyway, I stopped and turned around to face them. “Bill says they're over there.” I gestured with my head towards the clearing behind me.

“Oi!” Krystal's voice sounded from behind. “We're over here!”

I deadpanned for yet another redundant line. If this was a fanfic, I'd remove that line. Sadly, this isn't a written fanfic of some die-hard PKMN fan who wants to share his weird imagination to the world of other PKMN fans...

Anyway, I turned and waved a paw at her and the Bulbasaur cosplayer. My friends and I then went out of the trees, and into the bright clearing.

“Just for the record,” I said, looking up, “the leaves and trees here doesn't seem to have any difference from Ilex Forest...”

“Hah hah...” Shock lamely said from behind.

Krystal blinked in confusion. “Buh?”

I shook my head. “Don't worry about it.” I just then noticed how big this clearing was. It wasn't a circular-like clearing like most in an anime, just big. There were a few sleeping and chatting Pokémon around though. Mostly were Weedles, Pidgeys and Caterpies.

“This is where the gathering was held?” I asked, looking around.

“Yep,” Krystal said, and then frowned. “Bill said you guys got into trouble. All of you okay?”

“We're fine,” Fay sat with a smile. “Nothing we can't smile about.”

“That's taking things lightly,” Saur said.

Fay grinned at him. “Hey, we weren't captured, right?”

Krystal and Chikorita gasped.

I just shook my head. “We're in one piece, and that's the only important part of it.”

They both frowned, but didn't say anything. Our groups then sat in a circle by the treeline, with Vixie sitting in between me and Shock...

“So,” Vixie said, “the gathering? What was it all about?”

Krystal frowned slightly. “Bill didn't tell you yet?”

I blinked. “Um...maybe?”

I heard Bill sighed. “I did.”

“Then I was probably not paying attention then...” I chuckled. “Still, it's kinda better to hear about it together.”

Krystal frowned, but nodded anyway. “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

“If that made sense,” Shock said, “then us meeting here isn't.”

I blinked and turned to him. “What?”

Shock crossed his arms and showed mild annoyance. “We could have just returned to those two humans and talk about it there.”

Oh. Right. Yeah. That'd make perfect sense.

Krystal and Chikorita, and Surskit, just shook their heads.

“No,” Chikorita said. “Not if we're going to look for that Scizor.”

“Oh.” I blinked. Yeah, I should have paid more attention when Bill was telling me all about it. At least I was paying attention now. “Wait, Scizor?”

Krystal and Chikorita nodded. I turned to my friends, and they also had confused looks on their faces.

“But,” I turned back to the news bearers. “Scizor's an evolved form, right?” I waved my paw around. “Impossible to mistake a Scizor from a Scyther...”

Krystal frowned. “Red and black armor. Two pairs of pincers for arms. Yellow eyes. Yeah, definitely a Scyther.”

I glared at her. “You don't have to be d*ck about it, you know.”

“Oi oi, you two,” Bill's voice echoed while the others, minus Krystal, blinked. They probably are trying to figure out what that ‘d’ word meant. Shock shrugged after muttering ‘human thing’ again. Well duh, it is a human ‘thing’. “I don't want you guys arguing right now, you hear?”

It kinda felt weird being scolded at my age, but eh. I took a breath and sighed. “Yeah, sorry for snapping, Krysie...” Her glare lightened, and disappeared. “Continue?”

“Well, to make things short,” Krystal said, “from what we've heard, that Scizor was looking for strong Pokémon who was worthy of evolution. The gathering was like a boxing match, to see who can hurt the Scizor.”

“Worthy of evolution?” Shock and Saur asked at the same time.

Chikorita nodded. “The Scizor was the speaker, but there were also two other evolved Pokémon with him, but they just stayed in the audience. Those two were a Pidgeot and a Rapidash.”

“But,” Krystal frowned, and turned to look at the few gathered Pokémon.

I turned as well, and I just noticed the grass. A few patches were cut down, pulled out, and other evidence of a battle.

“They said that they killed every single challenger, claiming they weren't worthy of evolution.” She then turned back to us with a very sad look. “A lot then began to escape, while those desperate to evolve stayed and fought...and got ki...”


Oh great... Just what we need. We got the heroes, their friends, and to complete the fanfic, we got an evil team. Great, just great...

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