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I think that-somehow-my pichu no-evo solo run is going OK

-after I beat the ice gym I healed
-I went to the galactic base
-I beat some galactic people. still haven't learned not to use golbat, but at least they're using things like dustox
-I forgot to deposit my HM slave starly, so I entered a double battle
-I lost
-I depositied it and got through
-I managed to beat the boss in one try (I think...?)
-The other guy was another story...
-well I started climbing mt. cornet which is full of... graveler. grass knot FTW!
-I beat galactic grunts along the way
-I got to the top
-savestates again... forced double battles with one pokemon x.x
-I KO'd my friend's munchlax so he'd send out something USEFUL
-used savestates on leader because anything on his weavile is an OHKO or at least close
-all his other pokemon (murkrow dark/flying, gyarados water/flying, and crobat poison/flying) were easy. bit too mahy electric weaknesses, agree?
-a wild PALKIA appeared!
-got away safely
-I realized flying from spear pillar is impossible x.x
-I WALKED down it
-made it to the electric gym. evolving every level is getting annoying
-zap plate gotten!
-I grinded a bit
-I used a few savestates, but most of the trainer pokemon in the gym were either weak or dumb
-gym! electric! vs pichu!
-gym! beaten!

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