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Originally Posted by ShadyVXKuriboh5 View Post
Haven't played Gen V before just asking for your or anyone else opinion on this team and what difficulty it could go to.
I actually haven't used any of those Pokemon besides Emboar, so I can't give many pros and cons based on individual species. Your team doesn't appear to have any crippling weaknesses besides water, at the very least, and Zebstrika can cover that.

Tepig and its evolutions are my favorite of the Gen V starters to use in a regular playthrough, and that fighting type will definitely help with Lenora, who many people think is the hardest gym leader. The unfortunate part is that unless you choose to hack stuff in, you'll be going through over half the game with only Emboar, Zebstrika, and Crustle. And when you finally get to Pawniard, you will be spending a hell of a lot of time grinding to evolve it. I actually gave up on Pawniard in Black because it took too long to evolve, and it just wasn't strong enough to be worth using before then.