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Last game completed for now, FireRed!

♦ Picked Charmander and named it Charlie, and off we were on our final Kanto adventure!
♦ Trained him up until he got Metal Claw and could defeat Brock.
♦ Continued to Mt. Moon, where I caught Miss Mush the Paras.
♦ Did the same to her, and then used her to take down Misty.
♦ Went down to Vermilion City, raided the boat and then beat Lt. Surge.
♦ With my new Cut move I had received on the boat, I backtracked to Cerulean City and went east. Just before the entrance to Rock Tunnel, I caught my next team member, Balloween the Voltorb.
♦ Had to hold off on using it because of the lack in level and movepool, but once we were out, I started training it up as well.
♦ Beat Erika easily with Charlie, raided the Rocket Hideout in the Game Corner and cleared the Pokémon Tower.
♦ Used the newly-obtained Pokéflute on the sleeping Snorlax, and made my way to Fuchsia City.
♦ Picked up the Super Rod on the way, and fished up my final team member, King Klo the Krabby.
♦ Leveled him up on Cycling Road, and then took on the gym. He helped quite a lot with Koga thanks to Mud Shot.
♦ Flew to Saffron City to take on the gym, but realized that the Silph. Co building had been invaded by Rockets. Wiped them all and then finally earned the Marsh Badge.
♦ Surfed to Cinnabar Island and investigated the Pokémon Mansion, earned the Secret Key and was able to challenge the gym.
♦ Blaine was a piece of cake thanks to King Klo.
♦ Helped Bill out with his island shenanigans, and then returned for the final gym.
♦ Giovanni was mostly handled by King Klo, but Miss Mush also contributed to the victory.
♦ Whipped my rival on my way to Victory Road, trekked through it and prepared for the Pokémon League.
♦ Lorelei was taken down by Charlie, Miss Mush and Balloween.
♦ Bruno didn't stand a chance against Charlie and King Klo.
♦ Agatha required a team effort.
♦ Lance was mostly handled by King Klo and his Ice Beam, but also by Charlie's Dragon Claw.
♦ The Champion also required a team effort (as always), but I was crowned the new Champion in the end.

So... that's that! All colors done on every generation, except for 6. I'll consider doing all of them on Y if I get it for Christmas, but I'm not sure about it yet. In any case, this has been a great deal of fun, and hopefully I'll return in the future!



Charlie the Charizard, Lv 56 (♂)
Item: None
Flamethrower, Earthquake, Fly, Dragon Claw

Miss Mush the Parasect, Lv 56 (♀)
Item: TinyMushroom
Return, Spore, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace

Balloween the Electrode, Lv 57
Item: None
Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Toxic, Rollout

King Klo the Kingler, Lv 56 (♂)
Item: None
Surf, Mud Shot, Strength, Ice Beam
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