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Here's my SU so you're not confused, guys. :3


Alias: Bryce
Species: Snivy
Gender: ... What do you think? It's not Canadian, BTW.

Personality: Bryce is your average... Snivy, really. He's smug, he's cool, and he always talks about how rich he is. Or... how rich he thinks he is. But deep down, Bryce will do anything to help someone in danger. Except give up his Smug Scarf. Then he just says "Screw you" and walks away. ... Maybe that's a bit too harsh, but hey. Accept it.

Go ahead. Ask Bryce for his Smug Scarf. Make my day.


Bryce is obviously an abnormal Snivy. If a Snivy cares about someone other than itself/money, then you know that something's wrong with it. Anyway, Bryce always wears his Smug Scarf, which raises a Snivy's Attack and Special Attack by one. Bryce also has blue eyes, which is a side effect of turning from human to Pokemon.


Bryce - Snivy, Level 5
Male/Overgrow/Naughty (duh.)
Tackle/Growl/Twister /Energy Ball
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