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Before x and y it worked as followed:
1.If the baby can learn the move via leveling up and both parents know it, it will inherit it
If I had a female Skunktank and a male Vaporeon that both knew the move toxic (vap was taught the move via tm) because Stunky can naturally learn the move through leveling up*, it the baby stunky will know the move toxic.
*an example of how this would not work would be breloom/shroomish and the move mach punch, shroomish can't learn mach punch, therefore that would be a move it can't learn leveling up without evolving first.

2.If the father knows any compatible TM/HM moves the baby will inherit it
Male Rattata with dig (tm) bred with a female Growlithe will produce a Growlithe knowing the tm dig, this is a great way to reuse expensive/hard to obtain tm's

3.Egg moves also come from the father (prior to gen V)
Female Koffing bred with a male misdreavus with pain split will procure a koffing with the move pain split

-Also note that in crystal the baby can learn move tutor moves from the father as well

X&Y are more of the same except that the baby can now inherit egg moves from the mother
I believe this is to make it easier for IV breeding, in the past (in my opinion) it was rather inconvenient to need egg moves from the father because IV breeding is a multi-step process, and it wasn't very exciting to come across a female pokemon with half of the great IV's I needed midway through the process because it wouldn't do me much good, now that those egg moves can be passed from either gender, it simplifies the process a little bit.