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Imma be doin' this...for now:

game: Emerald

Gotta atleast try!

-Started by picking Treecko (hello old friend...) I didn't name it because i keep him only for the slavery.
-I beat May up (sorry...NOT.)
-Arrived at Petalburgh
-My dad didn't give a sh*t about me.
-Wally "taught" me how to catch pokemon.
-Arrived at the woods.
-I finally caught a lvl 6 female Shroomish, named "Alexis".
-Now training!
-Fought the team Aqua member!
-I taught Alexis TM09-Bullet Seed, a guy gave me.
-Arrived at Rustborro city, and got the CUT from the CUT guy.
-First badge aquired! 1\8!
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