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Another update is here! (shortish one!)
This time with an added surprise!

Recap: I defeated Maxie, don't feel like going into more detail than that xD

I then went through some stuff and challenged flannery, with a bunch of stat boosting items of course!

Twas challenging but not as bad as expected eventually after awhile I beat that fiery gurl and won the heat badge!

As I left the gym I was greeted by that person who happens to be female and happens to know my name and who I happen to know the name of. And that person was May, she kindly gave me some goggles (oh boy!) I felt like a genuine hero xD

So I strolled to petalburg to fight my dad, and for this battle I decided to do something different! I recorded it :D

So yeah 5th gym badge!! w00t.

And thats all that I did :o
I may record the upcoming gym badges aswell, I find it nicer :D
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