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Uptade for ya folks!
-Helped the old man save his Wingull and got the thing back for the guy from the company in Rustborro.
-I beat May.
-I took the boat to Dewford. (Trying to evolve Shroomish as fast as i can!)
-I evolved Treecko into Grovyle (I don't use it in battle though so it is legal)
-Evolved Shrromish into Breloom (NOW THE CHALLANGE BEGINS!!!!!)
-Took a few brawls with Brawly, but i managed to get my second badge! 2\8!
-Caught a slave Aron YAY.
-Caught a sableye slave (because having sableye in a game is too awesome) YAY...
-Now i regret i taught Flash to Grovyle


Arrived at Slateport.
-Defeated some Aqua grunts.
-Went to the battle tent!
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