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Hey, so I took a long hiatus from this challenge because grinding in Johto/Kanto is the worst. Here's what happened:
+Beat the Elite 4 and Champion yay!
+Went to Kanto and did all the sidequests that needed to be done.
+Did some calculations to decide which gym leaders to take on first.
+Defeated Janine no problem and got the Soul Badge.
+Beat Lt. Surge and got the Thunder Badge.
+Beat Misty and got the Cascade Badge.
+Beat Brock and got the Boulder Badge.

Currently: Doing some inbetween training before taking on the second half of Kanto and debating whether or not to use Suicune.


Machoire Lv.53
Slash Ice Fang Crunch Waterfall

Coton Lv. 53
U-Turn Leech Seed Giga Drain Sleep Powder

Poisson Lv. 53
Strength Whirlpool Surf Earthquake (Needs new moveset lol)

Klaxon Lv.53
Horn Attack Aerial Ace Earthquake Close Combat

Pecheur Lv. 53
Thunder Rain Dance Surf Discharge

Meduse Lv. 54
Wrap, Thief Sludge Bomb Surf
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