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What do you think a Riolu/Lucario's New Year's resolution would be?

Riolu me: I got chocolate and orange gummies from everyone, a Lucario hoodie from the Kecleon brothers, 5000 Poke from Wigglytuff, some TMs from Chatot, a portable mini-blender from Spinda, a training dummy from Marowak (He made it in a way that makes sure I can't break it, like all the other practice dummies), an alarm clock from Loudred, a roll-call bell from Chimecho, a grab bag from Croagunk, and a lot of other stuff from people around Treasure Town and the guild.

Real me: Um... meep.

*Cowers behind a rock

Riolu Me: And, apparently, the real me is too shy to say anything.
How did I end up this way after a simple dream?

I was about to ask you the same thing...