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Originally Posted by troyl9 View Post
will doing this make Mew obey?
As far as I know Mew obeys me, though I don't use it.

Edit: Well I took another look at the Mew I got to confirm it and apparently it won't obey me on my new game, but on my older save the Mew I got after the event Mewtwo Strikes Back, it obeys me. So I guess it depends on when you have it? Not sure, but either way using A-Save is basically one of two only ways to obtain Mew & Mewtwo.

Originally Posted by CharBrothers View Post
Is There a New Beta? How can we be Notified if there is a Release?
Sorry to hear about your issue, 4.2 is the most recent and I'm not sure what is causing your game to freeze. As far as updates on notifications about anything above 4.2, you just have to keep coming back and checking this forum.
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