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Originally Posted by Kisemi Sora View Post
Hello everyone!! I`m new, Kisemi Sora, nice to meet you... Ofc you can call me with my full name but Kise is alright too. Love Pokemon~ Anime~ Japan~ Everything like that~
Hi there Kise! It's such a pleasure to meet you n__n Welcome to PC, one of the best places to meet lots of amazing people who all love Pokemon just like you! Here's hoping you'll be staying around with us because this way you'll have loads of fun and new friends! :D If you have anything you want to clarify, do feel free to approach me, the other Moderators or any other member as we would be more than happy to help. Oh, and I'm actually a huge fan of Japan as well, so feel free to talk to me about anything under the land of the rising sun! I'd be happy to make a new friend, plus you'd gain a new friend as well! Haha. Also don't forget to check out our Anime & Manga section - I'm sure a huge fan such as yourself would fit right in~ See you around yeah? n__n