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Quote originally posted by Ziposaki:
The PCs might not be linked together, considering how far apart they are, and it might take a bit for them to get hooked up. I mean, it took a while for Bill and Celio, both experts, to connect Sevii and Kanto, and they're close enough to be a boat ride. Bill and Celio are good friends as well, so theoretically the PC systems should be similar and thus easier to connect. To connect Hoenn and Kanto, you had get these random stones that conveniently happened to be located in the islands. Who knows how long it could take to connect Orre and Johto, and what you would need? Assuming the sky was clear and it looked safe, a several hour plane ride might just be easier.
Hmm, on the flip side it was possible in-game to connect GBA games to Orre, with both Colo and XD, so I'd argue that already shows it is possible to transfer Pokemon. I doubt that in a 'real world' sense anyone ever actually needed a few specific gems to improve information transfer systems or whatnot, but then Sevii Islands always seemed tacked on anyway to me, and more a 'hey have a sidequest to unlock this feature' thing. Although I get where you are coming from there, I'd have to say that given connections have been possible, it's not that much of an issue itself. But there can be other ways to explain it (in-universe) as to why they wouldn't send (all of the) Shadow Pokemon.
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