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Originally Posted by xRZRsabre View Post
Uh....hi everyone. I'm sabre. call me sam though, you'll probably have a tough time pronouncing that XD. Anyway, I'm new here. I've never signed up for any forums before or anything, so i'm a total noob. Like beyond noobish. So, *insert properly made introduction and signature here*. Hoping to get better at this and make some friends :D
Hello Sam, about time you joined PC and nice you chose us as your first forum, since we are quite easy to navigate and settle in with fellow Pokemon fans. If you ever need help the staff members in blue, orange and red are always there if you need help, but we have some helpful non-staff as well so yeah if you ever need to chat don't hesitate to pop by my profile anytime. I'll see ya around!

Originally Posted by ads_2006 View Post
Hi everyone, new user here, old pokemon fan. Been getting back into the trading card game aspect of it as a hobbie/ stress reducer. Having fun so far!!!!
Heya Ads, nice to see ya here!

I bet you'll definitely be interested in looking around our Trading Card Game section which has all discussions relating to the Pokemon TCG, as well as where you can get cards rated, priced and the such. Don't hesitate to contact the resident mod donavannj if you have questions since he's a big expert on the game.

Have fun here, you guys!