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Hi, everyone! Yoshi-san, under a new name here and I have one thing to say! BATS!

Wish it was this one though.

Still the episode was very well, I enjoyed it and personally this season has been A-OK! so far. Only had a few iffs about Power Ponies, but other than that it was great. And that ending with Fluttershy. I found that very interesting!

Originally Posted by Axeliira
We haven't seen much emphasis on Twilight's role as princess just yet, and I have a feeling we're going to see that once we reach the middle and ending of the season where she'll be taking advantage of her role. The Mane 6 keep revisiting that dirty castle in the previous episodes, I wonder if that could continue to be a key role in the season?
They are restoring the old Palace of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest, she said that in Power Ponies. So I that a feeling, yeah; It will return as well.

Originally Posted by Axeliira
Ahh yes, I think the Rarity episode is this weekend. Yesssss I cannot wait. <3
Its about time, right? :D

Originally Posted by Axeliira
Hmm, I would doubt that Trixie may make a season 4 appearance. She's already turned good after Magic Duel, and I don't see her making at least a brief appearance in one of the episodes. Although that doesn't sound half-bad!
Hey, don't knock Trixie off the S4 wagon yet; Discord was turned good and well he played a major role in the start of Season 4, and lives with Fluttershy [it seems so from the intro], however Trixie was still in Ponyville last time we saw and she may appear! Oh, well. Til next episode!

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