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Soul Silver Update#5

This is it folks, the Elite Four
  • Journeyed through Tohjo Falls, Routes 27 and 26, and Victory Road
  • Taught Olga Thunder (It'll help later) and Korol' Earthquake
  • Stocked up on Full Restores and Revives
  • Began Pokemon League Challenge!
Round 1: Malvina v. Xatu
Malvina nearly ko's, then Xatu uses U-Turn to switch to Exeggutor
Round 2: Malvina v. Exeggutor
Malvina kos Exeggutor, but it managed to set up Reflect
Round 3: Malvina v. Xatu
Will uses Full Restore, but it faints next turn
Round 4: Olga v. Xatu
Olga OHKO's with Shadow Ball
Round 5: Olga v. Jynx
Jynx puts Olga to sleep, switch in to Malvina and Night Slash to win
Round 6: Malvina v. Slowbro
Slowbro buffs up with curse, but Night Slash gets a critical

Round 1: Ivan v. Ariados
Realizes Ariados has Giga Drain and quickly swith to Korol', Earthquake to win
Round 2: Sergei v. Venamoth
Psychic criticals. This was a bad idea. Malvina takes the faint
Round 3: Ivan v. Forretress
This round was sloooooooooooooow
Round 4: Malvina v. Crobat
Avalanche to win
Round 5: Ivan v. Muk
Earthquake to win

Round 1: Olga v. Hitmontop
Psybeam. Thats it.
Round 2: Olga v. Hitmonlee
Psybeam. Again.
Round 3: Olga v. Hitmonchan
Round 4: Ivan v. Onix
Yaaaaaay, a different attack. Waterfall!
Round 5: Olga v. Machamp
I've learned something today folks. Psybeam triumphs over all.

Round 1: Sergei v. Umbreon
Set up spikes, then Bug bite to win
Round 2: Ivan v. Houndoom
Earthquake to win
Round 3: Korol' v. Vileplume
Realized Earthquake is out of pp, switch to Olga, Psybeam strikes again
Round 4: Olga v. Murkrow
Thunder misses, Olga faints, switch to Ivan, Waterfall finishes the job.
Round 5: Malvina v. Gengar
Night slash wins

That's it for the Elite 4, Now its time for the Champion
Round 1: Olga v. Gyarados
Round 2: Ivan v. Aerodactyl
Round 3: Sergei v. Dragonite
Korol' paralyzed it, and Malvina finished it with Avalanche
Round 4: Olga v. Charizard
Round 5: Olga v. Dragonite
Olga dents it with shadow ball, but gets kod, switch to Sergei to heal up, switch to Olga to Psybeam, hoping for confusion, but it doesnt work, switch back to Sergei and use Explosion
Round 6: Malvina v. Dragonite
Dragon Rush misses and Malvina kos it with Avalanche!

And that's it for the Elite Four, next time I'll start with Kanto!


Malvina (f)
Nature: Naughty, Ability: Pressure
Lv 43
Night Slash
Iron Tail

Olga (f)
Nature: Bold, Ability: Levitate
Lv 43
Shadow Ball
Pain Split

Sergei (m)
Nature: Impish, Ability: Sturdy
Lv 39
Bug Bite

Korol' (m)
Nature: Serious, Ability: Intimidate
Lv 39

Ivan (m)
Nature: Impish, Ability: Damp
Lv 38

Badges: 8/16
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